Cole Pratt, Yuri Kisil and the Toronto Titans have their last match at the ISL playoffs

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02 December 2021 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) - The Toronto Titans were not able to pull off the impossible last weekend in what ended up being their last meet in the ISL Playoffs. Cole Pratt was able to comeback and swim a full-slate of events while the injury bug ended up hitting Yuri Kisil hard. As a side note, in the ISL, a full roster is 16 (with 15 in the meet and competing and one of those 16 sitting as a spare) - the men’s team that last meet was down to 9 swimmers with two of the nine swimming slightly injured and not at full capacity (Pratt & Ryan). So, the question had been asked earlier, “could they win the meet - making the final 4 and completing the Cinderella story of ISL Season 3?” - sadly for them the answer was no.

On Day 1 Cole raced the 200m backstroke (1:53.25 at 19:17PM), 4x100m FR (48.59 at 20:12PM), 50m backstroke (24.65 at 20:26PM) and finally the 4x100m MR (52.03 at 20:52PM) - 450m of racing in a little over an hour and half. Day 2 was a little bit less frantic with the 100m backstroke to start (52.42 at 19:28PM), the 200m freestyle (1:47.65 at 20:05PM) and then finishing with the backstroke skins (24.43 at 20:45PM). All in all not his fastest performances at the ISL this season but after not racing the 1st meet, only one race in the second to be able to get back up and go a full slate of events was positive. As mentioned earlier Kisil was out for the entire weekend.

While this was the final meet of the season for the Titans in the ISL Season both Yuri and Cole are off to the short course World Championships in Abu Dhabi later this month as well as a number of their teammates from the Toronto team: Tessa Cieplucha, Yuri Kisil, Finlay Knox, Kylie Masse, Summer McIntosh and Kayla Sanchez.

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Photo by Marcel ter Bals Orange Pictures