Wilm does wonders for LA as team finishes 4th in the ISL Season 3 Grand Finale!

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06 December 2021 (Calgary, AB) - One last kick at the can for Ingrid Wilm and the team she leads - the LA Current - at the recent ISL Season 3 Grand Finale! Despite all of her efforts and the efforts of an incredibly strong team they ended up 4th overall.

Ingrid swam her regular course of events throughout the meet beginning with the 200m backstroke on Day 1 where she landed on a 2:02.38 which was her fastest time of the ISL this season and a lifetime best to boot. Not only did she drop a great swim for 3rd she crushed it on the last 50 as the only swimmer finishing under 30 seconds in a 29.98!

She did swim the 4x100m freestyle relay not long after but it was a strategic, light swim just to make sure the team had swimmers in the water and did not face a point deduction as up next was the 50m back!

In the 50m event Ingrid took gold in 26.24 just beating the closest swimmer by 4/100ths of a second while only 29/100ths separated the top-6 swimmers in the field!

Ingrid’s last race of Day 1 was the 4x100m MR where she led the Current out in 56.10 - the fastest time by any of the backstroking women by almost a full-second (80/100ths!). The Current were 4th in that race and the battle for overall supremacy in the meet had turned into a two-way fight between Energy Standard and the Cali Condors.

Day 2 saw Wilm in fine form with one of her speciality’s up early on - the 100m backstroke. It was another amazing field she had to deal with including Olympic medallists, World Champions and World’s record holders all facing down Ingrid who was swimming out of lane #8. Ingrid was out quick but relaxed in 26.95 before bringing it home in 28.78 (again the fastest by 6/10ths) for a big win for LA in 55.73 (just a 10th off of her best!) but enough to give her a margin of victory of 9/10ths.

Last but not least - and how exciting was this - the women’s skins race! In round #1 Ingrid got through by the skin of her teeth in 4th in 26.28 (right what she did in the 50 on day 1) but had to settle for 3rd in the second round (only 2 advance after R2) in 26.86.

Overall another solid meet for Ingrid and an incredible season for one free agent walk-on having an enormous impact for her team over the course of the whole fall. Ingrid was 12th overall in aggregate scoring.


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