Learn-To-Competitive Swim Assessments
  • Swimmers must complete an online assessment of their swim skills before registering in our Learn-To-Competitive Swim Program which includes Swim School 1,2 and 3 as well as Swim Fit and JOW
  • Assessments are completed virtually by reviewing our compehensive online videos to determine the skill level of your swimmer
  • Placement in programs is based on skill level.  Swimmers must be able to complete each skill in the assessment video to register for that level, that is the minimum requirement to sign up for the level
  • Swimmers who do not meet the minimum requirements should review the video of the next level down to determine if this is their skill level.  Remember, they must be able to do everything in the video    
  • If the swimmer is not able to complete all of the skills in the Swim School 1 video you should NOT register your swimmer.  Work with your swimmer on the skills in the Swim School 1 video and register when they are able complete all of the skills
  • Ensuring your swimmers skills are appropriate for the level you have registered for is critical to maintaining the quality of our programming and the success of your swimmer.  It is your responsibility at the time of registration to have properly assessed your swimmers abilities.  If your swimmer does not meet the minimum requirements we will not be able to keep them in the class.  We cannot guarantee the ability to move them to a more suitable program.  Unfortunately, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of enrollments without proper self assessment so we are no longer able to provide refunds to families who do not properly assess their children.  The assessments are clearly outlined on our website below.  If you have any questions prior to enrolling your child please contact us at [email protected]
    Requests for registration moves without sufficient justification will be charged a $50 admin fee per move.   Additional change requests on are subject to $100-$150 fees per change.