Olympic Way
LTAD - Fundamentals, Learning to Train

This is the first level of competitive swimming inside the program and a great place for our young 10 & Under swimmers to learn how to swim all four strokes, and all the basics of competitive swimming. Swimmers will learn their skills in a fun team environment with very little emphasis placed on time.

  • Swimmer Ages: 6 - 9 Years 

  • Practices: 3 Training Practices per week 

  • Pools: Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton

  • Practice Length: 90 minutes each

  • Meets: Average one meet per month 

  • Head Coach: Jacquie Pratt

2022-23 Season Pratice Schedule (Subject to Change)


Tuesday & Thursday - Seton YMCA

4:15 - 5:30 PM 


Friday - Seton YMCA

4:00 - 5:30 PM 



2022-23 Fees


Pay In Full *

Payment Plan**                    
1st Installment        7 Mthly Installments

Membership ^




Swim Canada Registration




Officiating Deposit








* 3% Discount for paying in full is applied to the Membership portion only and is applied as a credit on your account in the following month.
** Payment Plan: 8 installments - September 1st to April 1st. The September installment is 50% of membership fees + Swimming Canada registration fee and the Officiating Deposit. The remaining 50% balance of membership fees are divided into 7 remaining installments. 

^ Cascade offers a multi swimmer discount on the membership portion of fees to families with more than one swimmer.  Please see our Family Account & Fee Procedure document for details.  It can be found under About/Procedures or you can click here.

These fees do not include the cost of swim meets, equipment or team gear.

All fees are due (in full) to the office prior to swimmers beginning the program.

For the 2022-23 swim season,  we will only be accepting payment by credit card.


 Olympic Way swimmers require the following equipment:

  • Arena Track Suit* 

  • Team Parka* 

  • Team Shirt* 

  • Team Swim Suit* 

  • Team Cap* 

  • Goggles 

  • Fins ^

  • Jr. Snorkel !

  • Jr. Kickboard​ 

  • Tennis Ball x2

  • Basketball (jr.) 

  • Skipping Rope 

  • Water Bottle 

  • Running Shoes 

* Available for purchase at our club office

^ Swim fins should be FINIS floating fin or a short training fin.

! Snorkel preferably with NO purge valve (ie.  Arena, Precision or Ylon)


Visit our swim gear page to learn about options to buy your swim gear.

Swim Meets

Olympic Way will have one meet per month. Meets will be posted in the events section of the website once they are available to register. You will also be sent an invitation for the meet, which will prompt you to log into your account and sign up for the meet.  Swim meets will range in cost from $35-$50 per meet and are in addition to your regular fees with Cascade.


Members of Cascade Swim Club's Competitive Program are required to support the club in 2 different ways: Point Program and Officials Training. The Volunteer Requirements page contains more information.  In addition, we offer opportunities to help fund member accounts throughout the year - the Account Fundraising page contains more information on these great opportunities which include Bingos.


Other Important Information