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Fee Schedules 2022-2023 

Registration Fees

Each swim club in the province of New Brunswick is a member of the national governing body for swimming called Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC) and the provincial governing body called Swimming New Brunswick (SNB). All swimmers who are involved in competition are required to be registered with "SNC" and "SNB" The annual fee for this is required to complete the initial registration process with the club.

The Registration fees go to the provincial and national governing bodies, not individual Clubs and the main item this is for is the insurance coverage for the swimmers and the club.

SNB/SNC Fee Schedule

    8 & Under $19.00 $31.00 $50.00
    9 - 10 $34.00 $51.00 $85.00
   11 - 14 $59.00 $71.00 $130.00
   15 & Over $69.00 $91.00 $160.00


Membership Dues

Membership Dues are annual fees that are charged based on the training level to which a swimmer has been assigned. 

  • Families with 2 swimmers receive a 10% discount off the total Membership Dues
  • Families with more than 2 swimmers receive a 20% discount off the total Membership dues
CVAC Membership Dues Schedule Swimmer Fee
 Competitive 1 $165.00 / sessoion
Competitive 2 $215.00 /session
Competitive 3 $900.00
Junior 1 $1100.00
Junior 2 $1250.00
Junior 3 $1800.00
Senior 1 $1900.00
Senior 2 $2600.00
National Development $2800.00

Membership dues can be paid fully at registration or in 10 equal installments with the first installment due at registration followed by 9 monthly payments, normally from October 1st through June 1st. 

The policy for payments will be as follows:

  • Annual fees are due at registration or in 10 equal instalments. 10 being for ease of calculation not length of season
  • If you select monthly instalment, the first instalment will be invoiced during registration. The SNB and SNC will also be added on the first invoice.
  • A credit card is required for payment unless arrangements are made before registration with the Treasurer, Ester Richard (email:  [email protected]).
  • If a swimmer withdraws from the team before Jan 1, fees will be calculated on a pro-rated basis, with Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec representing 4/10 of the season.  Swim NB and Swim Canada fees are non refundable and will not be pro-rated.
  • If a person requires more information in regards to their financial account they can email the Treasurer or speak to me directly.

Families can choose to participate in various fundraising opportunities offered by the club to build up funds in their fundraising account which, in turn, are applied against their account balance to help pay for membership fees, meet fees, etc. Please see the section on fundraising located further down on this page.

  • Note that multi swimmer discounts are applied to the full membership dues before determining the actual direct payment amounts for a family.

Fundraising Information

The club has several ongoing fundraising opportunities and also often offers one or more 'one time' fundraising opportunities that can build up funds in family's personal fundraising accounts. Information on fundraising opportunities can be found here.

At three points in time during the season (just before Jan 1st, March 1st and May 1st) funds in the fundraising account will be applied to the family's membership account. And, if this creates a credit balance then each time our system goes to collect monthly fees, on the first of each month, it will first go against the credit balance before billing for any monthly fees still owing. Also, beginning with any funds raised during the 2015-2016 season, any balance of these funds in the family's fundraising account at the end of a season will be available for use during registration for the following season.

Additional membership Dues Information

In the case of a swimmer leaving the club during the season fees will be charged as follows:

  1. If a swimmer leaves the club on or before December 31st the membership dues will be pro-rated based on 10 months; (September - June) and the swimmer's account will be charged for the months he/she was in the water.
  2. If a swimmer leaves the Club after December 31st all annual dues are due. If dues were paid by post dated cheques these will be cashed as dated.

Swimmers who, at the discretion of the coaching staff, advance in training levels will have membership dues adjusted to the new training level for the remainder of the season.

Meet Fees

In addition to registration fees, swimmers pays meet fees for each meet they attend. At most meets fees range from $4.00 -$6.00 per event entered. However, at developmental meets there is sometimes a lump sum fee for the meet such as $20.00. Meet fees are paid to the host Club of the meet and are used for expenses directly related to the competition; (ie pool rental).

For each meet there is also a Coach’s fee paid by each swimmer. This is used to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the coaching staff as well as costs associated with training and special events. The Coach's fees can range from $20 - $25 / day depending on the location of the meet.

The Club is responsible to pay all fees in advance to the host Club. Therefore, all families are required to pay applicable fees prior to the date of the meet. The preferred method of payment is by credit card through your online account or by cheque to the team manager. Once a swimmer commits to attending a meet they must pay the fees regardless of attendance at the meet. This is due to the fact that entries are made well in advance and the Club is charged for all entries made. If a swimmer has overdue meet fees this swimmer will be withheld from competing at further meets until the account is current.

Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 7031
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