Swimmers' Code of Conduct

Responsible behaviour is expected from all swimmers to protect everyone's safety as well as our Club's reputation. Each swimmer has an ambassadorial role while associated with the Comox Valley Blue Devils Summer Swim Club. Consequently, the following rules apply at all times:

1. Safety is the prime consideration at all times in addition to observing all Recreation Center rules:

a. swimmers will train in a manner that does not endanger others in the pool.
b. diving is allowed only in areas designated by the coaches, and only when the lane is clear.

2. Respect for fellow teammates is essential to maintain our club's reputation. Commendable behaviour requires:

a. there be no objectionable interference with others;
b. Comox Valley Blue Devils Summer Swim Club members will safeguard each other's property, and pool facility property.

3. The Head Coach has ultimate responsibility and authority to control pool behaviour. Praise or Discipline may also be administered by coaching staff, as directed by the Head Coach, and executive.

4. Policy and procedure for scheduled practices and pool/shower behaviour. The coach will follow the protocol as set out below. This is for misbehaviour and disrespect and is applicable to all age groups:

a. verbal warning.
b. sit out the practice — this becomes an incident and will be written up. The club president and coaches liaison are informed and the parent is notified. Should this behaviour persist the coach has the authority to move to c.
c. week suspension, repeated behaviour will not be tolerated. This is then referred to the conduct committee for consideration, then brought to the executive.

We intend to be fair and reasonable. Any parent questioning the fairness of a disciplinary decision may request review by the executive.

The BCSSA and the Comox Valley Blue Devils Summer Swim Club has no tolerance of Harassment or misconduct.