Some helpful technique videos:


Michael Phelps -


Ian Thorpe -

Notice how high he gets his elbow up on the catch part of his pull, and how large his kick amplitude is


Brent Hayden flip turn -

Notice how he enters the turn with his last pull, gets into streamline right away, and pushes off at a 45 degree angle


Brent Hayden start -

Watch his neutral body position (not slingshot start) and how he pulls off the blocks with his hands, entering the air with his shoulders followed by his hips and feet. In an ideal start, the whole body should enter through the same 'hole' in the water, which is exactly what he does. Brent Hayden has his start down to a science and enters the water at a 37.5 degree angle every dive.



Ryan Lochte -


Aaron Peirsol -



Kosuke Kitajima -

​Watch how fast he is through the insweep part of the pull and how he gets into streamline on every stroke

​On the forward angle, notice how wide his feet are turned out on the kick. Knees are kept together when the legs are being pulled back, and don't come apart until the feet circle around



Michael Phelps -

​Watch how low his head is on breathing and how high his elbow is on the catch.