Message from the Head Coach: Championship Season/National Rankings

CW Website Admin

Over the next 4 weeks, provinces around the country will be winding down their 2022-23 Winter Season, hosting championship style competitions for all levels. Here in Ontario, CW will be participating in our Regional Championships, Ontario's Winter Festival, Ontario's Youth and Junior, Ontario's Age Group Championships and Eastern Canadian Championships. During this time, CW will have over 90 qualified swimmers participating in the various meets. It is a very busy time for the staff but also a very exciting time for us. We will see the "pay out" for all of the hard work our swimmers have put in!

Good Luck to all the Warriors,

Russ Franklin


Top 25 National Age Group LC Rankings

At this time, the staff thought it would be appropriate to list some of our swimmers' National Rankings going into the Championship Season. These rankings are up to February 9th and are likely to change after March, but for now, here they are.

You will note that some of the swimmers have rankings in two different age groups because of Birthdays that have occurred since October.

These Top 25 National Rankings below are in no particular order other than they are young to old.  (Age)



Hayley Muscat (13) 200 Back 11th, 100 Fly 13th, 400 IM 25th

Sarah Coffin (13) 100 Fly 24th; (14) 200 Breast 20th

Quinn Logan (14) 50 Fly 8th, 50 Free 9th, 200 Free 14th, 100 Free 17th, 800 Free 25th,

Elizabeth Coode (14) 100 Fly 4th, 200 Fly 4th; (15) 200 Fly 7th, 100 Fly 16th

Willow Coburn (15) 400 IM 5th, 200 IM 8th, 800 Free 8th, 400 Free 10th, 200 Back 11th,100 Breast 12th, 200 Breast 12th, 50 Breast 25th

Jessica Dreghici (15) 800 Free 2nd, 400 Free 4th, 200 IM 5th, 100 Free 6th, 200 Free 6th, 200 Back 16th

Camilla Oviedo (17) 100 Breast 24th

Mackenna Riel (17) 200 Back 20th, 50 Back 25th, 100 Back 25th



Rodrigo Oviedo (13) 100 Free 17th, 100 Fly 17th, 50 Free 18th, 200 IM 18th

Connor Brown (14) 200 Fly 16th, 400 IM 19th, 200 IM 20th, 100 Fly 25th

Cameron Morrissey (15) 400 IM 4th, 800 Free 9th, 200 IM 12th, 100 Breast 13th, 200 Breast 15th, 400 Free 25th

Dylan Jayabahu (15) 100 Fly 9th

Alex Rusu (15) 100 Breast 14th, 200 Breast 19th

Merlyn Dong (15) 200 Back 22nd

Michael Yarusevych (15) 200 IM 4th, 200 Fly 7th, 100 Fly 10th; (16) 50 Fly 18th, 100 Fly 22nd

Evan Hodson (16) 200 Fly 10th, 50 Free 13th, 100 Free 13th, 400 Free 25th

Luc Landry (17) 200 Fly 14th

Jack Lu (17) 50 Free 17th

Andrei Ciorogariu (17) 400 Free 11th, 200 Fly 21st

Cristian Ciorogariu (17) 100 Free 8th, 50 Free 11th, 50 Fly 14th, 100 Back 24th