DSSC March LMR - Thank Yous and Results

Kurt Murphy
Mar 18, 2019

It was a great weekend of racing at Sungod Recreation Centre this weekend.  DSSC hosted almost 400 swimmers from across the Lower Mainland Region.   The 35 DSSC swimmers in attendance represented in their home pool quite well with plenty of top 8 finishes, some swimmers who went 100% personal bests, some new club records and a new provincially qualified swimmer.

A great big thank you to all the people who volunteered their time officiating, timing or volunteering in other capacities this weekend.   Thank you to Wojiech Apanowicz, the club’s officials coordinator for the staffing of the meet and the organization of the officials on deck.  Thank you to Ron Bullock the meet referee who comes back year after year to help us organize our meet at the officials level, and make sure everything technical runs smoothly.  Thank you very much to Jessica Jensen the meet manager; all communications with the coaches, the receiving and seeding of the meet and all the behind the scenes work is done by her.  Finally, thank you to Gurinder Sangha our hospitality coordinator.  No one gets fed without her and her army of minions.  Thank you to everyone, you’ve showed that DSSC knows how to put out a quality meet.

Top 8 DSSC swimmers were:
Kayah Apanowicz (12) gold 50 breast, silver 50 fly, bronze 50 back, 6th 50 free, 7th 200 free/200 IM
Joaquin Aranda (14)  silver 400 IM, 4th 50 breast, 6th 50 fly, 7th 50 back
Akashvir Bhangu (15) gold 50 back, silver 50 free/200 free, bronze 200 IM, 4th 50 fly, 5th 50 breast
Jannat Bhangu (10) bronze 50 back, 4th 200 free, 5th 50 fly, 7th 50 breast
Veerkesh Goolab (14) 5th 200 IM, 6th 100 fly, 7th 100 back/200 breast
Jatinder Grewal (10) silver 50 back/50 breast/50 fly, bronze 50 free, 5th 200 free/200 IM
Vaani Grewal (12) 5th 50 back, 7th 50 breast
Lucas Jamias (13) 5th 50 back, 8th 200 free
Manraj Johal (11) 4th 50 breast/50 fly, 5th 200 breast
Samantha Kidd (17) 6th 50 fly/400 IM, 7th 200 free, 8th 50 back
Siddarth Mohan (14) 6th 50 back, 8th 50 breast
Chloe Merideth-Jensen (13) gold 50 back/50 free, silver 50 breast, bronze 200 free/50 fly, 4th 200 IM
Parmroop Parmar (14) bronze 400 IM, 6th 50 breast, 8th 50 fly
Hailey Penner (16) gold 200 free/50 breast/50 fly/400 IM, silver 50 back/50 free
Isla Pike (10) silver 200 breast, 5th 100 breast, 6th 100 fly, 7th 100 free
Harleen Rai (10) 5th 50 back/200 back/50 breast, 6th 50 fly
Yuvraj Rai (12) gold 200 fly, 8th 400 IM, 6th 50 back/50 fly
Ramneet Sandhu (14) 5th 50 back, 6th 200 free, 7th 50 free, 8th 50 breast/400 IM
Gurshaan Sangha (10) 8th 50 back
Sarveen Sangha (16) bronze 50 back/200 IM, 4th 200 free, 7th 50 breast/50 fly
Ben Sheppard-Reid (16) bronze 200 fly
Rebecca Soroke (10) silver 50 back, 4th 50 breast, 7th 50 free
KIrra Trites (13) silver 50 back, 4th 50 fly, 5th 200 free/50 breast, 6th 200 IM
Marcus Hugo Viloria (12) gold 50 back/100 back/200 free, silver 400 IM,  bronze 50 free, 4th 100 free
Michael Yang (13) gold 50 fly, silver 50 back, bronze 50 breast, 4th 200 free, 7th 50 free
Lucas Zhang (13) silver 50 fly/50 breast, bronze 200 free/50 back, 5th 50 free/400 IM
Amrit Zawar (10) 5th 50 back, 8th 50 fly

Rebecca Soroke qualified her BC Age Group qualifying time in the 50 free.  This allows her to attend BC Age Group Championships in Chilliwack in June.  Other BC AG champ qualifiers are Yuvraj Rai in the 400 IM, and Kayah Apanowicz in the 50 free and 200 free.

A new Club record was broken by Marcus Hugo Viloria in the 400 IM. 

For more information on DSSC programming click on www.teamsungod.ca or call 604-345-5912.