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Thank you for your interest in Aurora Ducks Swimming Club!

AURORA DUCKS SWIMMING provides a multi-level program designed to develop interest and participation in competitive swimming. Swimmers are provided with a program to match their abilities and ambitions. Physical development, proper conditioning and good health habits are encouraged. Swimmers also learn team aspects of co-operation, responsibility and leadership, as well as individual dedication, confidence and self-esteem. An atmosphere is created in which the desire for self-improvement and goal achievement motivates the individual to develop their natural abilities and to help others do likewise.

To join Aurora Ducks Swimming, each new swimmer is required to attend an assessment conducted by an Aurora Ducks Swimming Coach to ensure they are placed in the correct group based on their ability, age and swimming needs.  To arrange for an assessment, please contact [email protected].
What to Expect:
Assessments take approximately 10-15 minutes. Once completed, our coaches will discuss placement with the parent and our registrar will follow-up regarding registration. 
What to Bring:
  • Assessment Form (bring the completed form to your assessment)
  • Swimsuit 
  • Towel
  • Goggles
  • Cap
You can expect the coach to ask questions and get a basic understanding of what you can do:
  • How long have you been swimming?
  • Have you been on a team before?
  • Do you know how to swim all strokes?
Set Criteria:
Precompetitive level
1)Swim to Compete Level 1
Swim to Compete Level 1 Program is available to swimmers 8 yrs old and under able to swim 25m Freestyle and 25m Backstroke.
2)Swim to Compete Level 2
Swim to Compete Level 2 Program is available to swimmers 9 yrs old and under able to swim 25m Freestyle, 25m Backstroke and 25m Breastroke demonstrating good technique.
Competitive Level
Swimmers with competitive swimming experience
Once assessed the swimmer will be invited to have one week tryout with the designated competitive group before completing the registration.