EBSC Registration

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Swim Season!

The EBSC Competitive Swim Team registration begins prior to the new swim season.  At this time we are not accepting new swimmers but please contact our Head Coach Gord Emmerson and we would be pleased to add your name to our waiting list for when space becomes available.

Returning swimmer registration will be online this year!

Go to the 'My Account' tab on the left and then to the 'Registration' heading and then to the 'Team Registration' link to begin.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Club Registrar – Marsha Heiden

Registration Fees & Charges

Registration fees and charges for EBSC are broken down into several key parts.

  • Club Registration Fees
  • Swim Ontario/ Swim Canada Fees
  • Participation Levy Fees
  • Swim Meet Fees

Club Registration Fees for the 2021/2022 Swim Season

(Does not include the Swim Ontario / Swim Canada Fees)

Training/ Roster Group

Club Registration Fee*

5 Post-Dated Payments**




Group D



Group C



Group B



Group A





Must be paid in full upon registration

* Includes a Silicone Training Cap
** As per the Payment Schedule


Club Registration Fees for each additional swimmer from the same family

Training/ Roster Group

Club Registration Fee*

5 Post-Dated Payments**




Group D



Group C



Group B



Group A




No discount


* Includes a Silicone Training Cap
** As per the Payment Schedule


Swim Ontario / Swim Canada Fees – Non-Refundable

  • These fees must be paid in full at the time of registration in accordance with Swim Ontario Policy.
  • Fees are based on your swimmer's age as of December 31, 2021


SNC Fees

+ Swim Ontario Fees


 Total SO/SC Fee

Fundamental: 8 & U





Skills: 9 & 10





Developmental: 11-14





Open: 15&O










Post-Dated Payment Schedule

  • At registration - Swim Ontario/Swim Canada Fees      
  • October 1 - Club Fees
  • November 1 - Club Fees
  • December 1 - Club Fees
  • January 1 - Club Fees
  • February 1 - Club Fees

* Required to Pay SO/SNC Fees

Payment Processing by Credit Card only (through EBSC website)

  • Go to My Account then select Setup AutoPay and follow the instructions. If you have trouble, contact [email protected] or [email protected]
  • If you do not have access to a credit card, contact the treasurer at [email protected]
  • Families are responsible for updating their Credit Card information if their card expires mid-season.
  • Credit card accounts will be billed once a month (on the first day of the month) for all charges accrued during the previous month (eg. Club fees, SO/SNC fees, spirit wear, uniforms, meet fees, Levy Hour charges, etc.)

Option 1: Pay all fees at the time of Registration

  • 1 Club Registration Fee  - withdrawn on October 1
  • 1 Swim Ontario / Swim Canada Fee - paid at registration

Option 2: 5 Post-Dated Payments

  • Club Registration Fee / 5 - payable on the first of each month, starting October 1 and ending February 1
  • 1 Swim Ontario and Swim Canada Fees - billed at time of online registration

Swim Meet Fees

Meet Fees and the cost of travel to and from swim meets (+ accommodation if necessary) are the sole responsibility of the swimmer’s family.  Please factor these expenses into your Swim Season Budget. 

  • Swim meets are scheduled throughout the season for Competitive swimmers. Meets are held locally (Kingston & Belleville), throughout Ontario and sometimes Quebec. Entry standards and entry fees vary between meets. 
  • Meet packages and Swim Meet details (including entry standards) are posted to the website so that parents can commit to the meet. 
  • Coaches will propose events for new/ developing swimmers and discuss events with Senior & National Swimmers. 
  • Families may opt-out of swim meets or decide how many days/ events they will commit to.
  • As per EBSC By-Law, “Competitive Swimmer” means a swimmer who actively competes in a minimum of four (4) swim meets per swim season, or as determined by the Board.
  • Coaches enter swimmers into events in advance of each Meet. The number of sessions and events may be different for each Meet.
  • Coaches send out event entries in advance of the meet and provide a deadline to inform the coach if you need to make any changes or scratch from the meet.

NOTE: Once the coach has submitted the final meet entries, families will receive a billing notice for payment with a due date attached. You are responsible for paying the committed fees on time, even if your swimmer does not attend.

Typically swim meet fees are charged by the host swim club on a per-event basis. However, some swim meet fees will include a flat rate entry-amount regardless of the number of races entered. Some swim meet fees will be a combination flat rate entry fee plus a per race cost. This information will be detailed in the meet package (available on the EBSC website when it has been released to us). Swim Ontario collects a portion of entry fees from host clubs for every Ontario swim meet (currently $1 per swimmer, per event). These costs are included with the fees charged by the host club's swim meet entry fees. EBSC, like most clubs, charges swimmers for the full cost of meet entry fees so this Swim Ontario charge is passed on to swim families for each swimmer participating in a meet.

In addition to the meet fees charged by a host club, EBSC collects a $5 per swimmer per meet fee. These funds help pay for the cost of relay entries and coaching at a swim meet. This charge is a way to more directly apportion the costs associated with the club’s participation at a meet to only those swimmers who participate.

Refunds for Withdrawal from EBSC

Request for a Withdrawal from the Club and a Refund must be made in writing to the Board, via email to the Secretary or handed to the Head Coach.

  • Requests for Withdrawal and Refund will be considered at the Board level as per Section 2.05 of the By-Law.
  • No refunds will be issued after January 31 of the year, without written proof of a Medical Condition that prevents the swimmer from training/competing.