Code of Conduct

Swim Ontario (SO) requires EBSC to make all members aware of the Swim Ontario Code of Conduct and Ethics.

  1. Please read the Swim Ontario Code of Conduct and Ethics with your swimmer(s) and with any member of the family that has been trained as an official. 
  2. Please read the EBSC Code of Conduct for Swimmers/Athletes and Swimmer Responsibilities with your swimmer(s).
  3. Complete the signature portion below. Parents are asked to sign for swimmer(s) under 10 years old. For swimmer(s) 10 and older, we ask that both swimmer and parent sign to acknowledge they have read and agree to the code of conduct.
  4. Please complete and email the signed signature sheet to [email protected]. It will be stored electronically. You may complete the form by hand and send a photo of the completed form if you wish or drop a copy of the completed form into the white EBSC Mail Box in the Henderson Centre Pool Foyer.