Age guidelines, (as at Dec 31) are:

  • Pre-competitive programs - 6 – 10 years of age

  • Competitive programs - 19 years of age or younger

  • FAST Recreational Group - 12 –18 years of age or younger. Accommodations may be made on an individual basis at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  • Assessment by the Coaches may be required; criteria outlined below.

  • Complete Online Registration, including all waivers and code of conduct

  • Payment of FAST Registration and Insurance Fees.

Assessment of Behavior and Physical Control:

  • Attention control - FAST considers what is in the best interest of all its swimmers as well as an individual. To ensure all swimmers have the opportunity of equal and quality coaching, a swimmer cannot consistently demand an unreasonable amount of the coaches’ attention/time and/or distract fellow swimmers from their coaching experience.

  • Emotional control - A swimmer cannot act in an aggressive manner and/or present a safety risk to themselves or their fellow swimmers.

  • Motor control – Every swimmer has their own ability level. Coaches strive to ensure every swimmer is meeting their potential, however, they must ensure the swimmer is not overwhelmed to perform above their current level of ability. Or inhibit other swimmers from their right to equal and quality training.

  • Processing Information – a swimmer must be able to keep up with the pace of the group, train at the level required, and have the ability to put the coach’s instructions into action independently.

To Register:

If you are a new to FAST, please contact one of our coaching staff to find out what group you should register for, phone 506-206-2718 or email All returning swimmers will have received an email or report card letting you know what group you should register your swimmer for.

  • Sign in/go to to our website, select “Start Registration”, and complete the Registration Form.

  • You will receive by email a Registration Receipt after you have completed the online registration form. Please check your Junk Folder as this receipt is frequently found there.

  • Within a few days, your registration will be reviewed and approved by the Registrar.

  • You will receive an email inviting you to create your personal account on our FAST Website.

  • The final step in the registration process is having your swimmer registered with Swim Canada. We do this on your behalf prior to your swimmer starting their swim practices. You will receive an email from Swim Canada asking you to login to their system and ensure your contact information is correct.

Please ensure our coaching staff is informed of any medical, behavioural and/or physical concerns, however minor. This information must be disclosed in the “Medical Notes and Information” section of the online registration form. This includes any behavioural issues that will help the coaching staff better interact with your swimmer. All information related to your swimmer is confidential and helps our coaching staff serve your swimmer to the best of their abilities. If needed, a plan will be put in place to help you, your swimmer, and the coaching staff have a full understanding of expectations, and possible limitations, ensuring open communication and having your swimmer get the most out of their program.

Wait List:

Once the FAST registration reaches a pre-determined number, either for the whole team, or in any individual group, OR the Head Coach decides that the available pool space is not sufficient to accommodate any more swimmers, there will be a wait list started and no new registration accepted unless the Head Coach deems possible.

Athletes will be placed on the Waiting List in the order that they attempted to register with FAST, and swimmers will be invited to register with the club according to the length of time that they have been on the Waiting List . Siblings of current members will move directly to the top of the Waiting List on a first come, first served basis.


For club hosted meets and for meets held in the city, there is an expectation that parents will assist in officiating. Without officials, we cannot run meets. Take an opportunity to talk to the coach and board to get a better understanding of officiating expectations.

Parents/Guardians of our Novice Black, Junior (Red and Black) and Senior (Black and Performance) swimmers are required to participate in the Family Participation Plan. Volunteering a minimum number of hours/season (depending on the group). If requirement is not met, the family will be charged a rate of $15/hour they have not volunteered. Please see the "Family Participation Plan" under the Parent Info Tab, sub category: Policies.


FAST holds a variety of Fundraising opportunities throughout the season. They typically include:

Salmon Fundraiser – selling 10 lb boxes of fresh Atlantic Salmon. After FAST pays for the product and its delivery, the remaining profits go as a credit on your swimmer account.

Swim a Thon (required) – swimmers solicit donations/pledges to swim as many laps as they can within a 2 hour time period or 5km (200 laps). Swimmers in younger groups should set their own goal, how many laps they want to achieve in 2 hours. 90% of the money raised stays with the club and is used for things that will benefit every group within the club. The remaining 10% is given to Swim Canada.