Registration 2021-2022

We are anticipating that our swimming groups will be at full capacity due to COVID restrictions (we already have wait lists started for most of our groups). Please do not delay in registering. We will open any available spots for new FAST swimmers on Aug 30. If you are not registered before then, we may not be able to accommodate your swimmer.

   Registration 2021-2022 Document (emailed to members Aug 1)

Group Structure
Respect In Sport - Parent Program
Swim Gear & Clothing
Financial & Payments
Parent Orientation
Group Structure & Schedule
  • Current FAST members will have received an email letting you know which swimmer group your swimmer should register for
  • If you have any questions about your group, email Marta at [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Tentative Schedule
Respect in Sport for Parents
  • Certification must be completed before Sept 6, 2021
  • This is a 60 min online course and will cost you $12/parent certification (Transferable from other sports if you have already completed it). Once you complete the course, our Office will receive notification automatically but please keep a copy of your certification in case there is a problem. Please choose Swimming Canada as your affiliated club. Click here to register
  • RIS certification must be current (not expired) as of Sept 6, 2021
  • Swimming Canada has a 5-year recertification requirement. Most of families have already completed this requirement last year and will not have to renew it until your 5thyear is up
  • Log into your RIS account to see if your certification has expired (certification date must be before Sept 6, 2016) 
  • If you do not have this certification or it has expired, FAST requires at least one parent/guardian for each swimmer family to complete the Respect in Sport for Parents online course – before your swimmer will be permitted to participate in FAST activities (see link below)
  • You can “Transfer” your RIS Certification if you have already completed it through another sports organization. Log into your RIS Account and follow options to transfer a copy to FAST


Respect in Sport for Parents - Register here


  • Aqua 1 – one pair of speedo vanquisher goggles will be included in your registration fee. We are doing this for the Aqua 1 group because many swimmers who are new to competitive swimming are not sure about appropriate goggles. We have selected the Speedo Vanquisher brand/style (very popular) and have negotiated lower cost due to bulk ordering.
  • We will also be keeping the speedo vanquisher goggles on hand for any swimmer to purchase. Many times, it is a last-minute emergency when a swimmer needs a pair of goggles and having them on hand will ensure they are able to get a replacement in a timely fashion.
Group Registration & Dryland SMA Pool Fund Total Monthly Installment for 6 months   SNB Registration & insurance
Aqua 1 1239 60 1299 217      
Aqua 2 1302 60 1362 227   8 & under $50  
Aqua 3 1536 60 1596 266   9 – 10   $85  
Aqua 4 2012 60 2072 345   11 – 14  $130  
APJ 2343 60 2403 401   15 & over  $160  
APS 2637 60 2697 450      
OTHER FEES 2021-2022 

LC Practices in SJAC at end of season

  • 12/practice est.
  • will be charged per swimmer based on attendance

Respect in Sport for Parents 

  • $12/family
  • paid to Respect Group Inc. when you take the course online

Family Participation Plan 

  • depends on group
  • depends on group see FPP Policy

2 Mandatory Fundraisers 

  • est. $150/family
  • fully recoverable through fundraising


  • depends on group
  • depends on group and if needed

Swim Gear

  • depends on group
  • depends on group and if needed

Admin Fees

  • $25
  • NSF payment, Returned Item, Late Fee, cancellation Fee

Convenience fees for credit card transactions

  • 4%
  • * included in registration fee where applicable
Swim Gear, Clothing & Merch
  • See Clothing & Swim Gear Catalogue 2021-2022 for requirements per swimmer group.
  • Required Clothing & Swim Gear– please complete this google form before Aug 29, 2021. We will order all required clothing/gear as indicated on the form for you
  • Other Clothing & Merchandise– we will be taking orders for all other non-required clothing & merchandise Sept/Oct – CLINK HERE see our Clothing & Swim Gear Catalogue
  • Other ordering dates will be available during the season. If you have any questions about clothing/merchandise you can email our Clothing Coordinator at [email protected]
Dryland sessions are part of your swimmers training, and attendance is strongly advised especially if your swimmer does not participate in other sporting activities. Costs for dryland are included in your registration fee.

When you register your swimmer using our online platform, you will be asked to agree to a number of waivers and releases including:

  1. Medical & Liability Release
  2. Photo Release
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Code of Conduct for Swimmers (will be completed with coach early in the season) 

SNC/SNB Electronic Waiver

  1. There is one (1) additional waivers that needs to be completed before your swimmer can participate in any FAST activity: SNC/SNB’s Acknowledgement & Assumption of Risk – must be electronically signed once you receive an email from Swimming Canada asking you to update your account information
Fundraising is especially important this season as we are expecting a tough year financially. Rather than increase registration fees significantly, we will be putting more emphasis on fundraising and mandatory fundraising. We have 2 mandatory fundraisers (Chocolate bars and Swim a thon) and 4-6 voluntary fundraisers. Click here for more details on the Fundraising plan.
FAST families who have a swimmer in Aqua 2, Aqua 3, Aqua 4, APJ or APS are required to volunteer a minimum amount of hours each swim season. Click here for more information about # hours required/group and the Family Participation Plan (FPP).
Financial & Payment Information

Here is the link to our Financial Information and FAQ and Fee and Refund policy. If you have other questions in this regard, please email our Treasurer at [email protected] 

  • Please note, as per our policy, we require 30 days notice of withdrawing from FAST and no refunds will be given after Jan 1, 2022.
Parent Orientation

Click Here for more information

Email Jill Ramsey at the [email protected] If I can’t answer your question, I will connect you with someone who can.