Junior Level - This group has a strong focus towards stroke technique, training skills, and physical endurance. Swimmers will be introduced to longer training sessions, and will learn fundamental training skills, such as using a pace clock, and understanding a daily training plan.

Junior levels reflect later stages of “Learn to Train” and an intro to”Train to Train” stages from SNC LTAD. Swimmers should be in third 3rd or 4th season of swimming and are between 9-14 years of age and are encourage to participate in one other sport activity. Swimmers will participate in at least 1 hour of dry land per week during the season.

Junior Red

Junior Black

This group is for developing swimmers that have graduated from Novice level and Premier Division meets and are learning to compete at age group meets (invitational level)provincial competitions. This group has a strong focus towards stroke technique, training skills, and physical endurance. this group is focused on combining all four strokes with a primarily focus on Individual Medley development and training. Swimmers are encouraged to develop in all 4 stroke areas to build a solid training base.

Group Criteria – 3 B times, kick set 6x50 kick on 2:00 average 1:15, 200's of each stroke except fly

Technical requirements-understanding pace clock, pace times, and send off times.

The Junior group is for developing swimmers at the provincial and regional level with aspirations for swimming at the national level. Swimmers in this group will focus on perfecting technique and developing race strategies, as well as improving critical training skills for graduating to the Senior and Performance groups.

Group Criteria – swimmers with 3A times and working towards East Coast times, Easterns and AGN standards

Technical requirements- successfully execute 400 IM, 400 free while maintaining stroke integrity and legality, attendance at 70 or higher, competitive nature, able to swim 800 and or 1500 free.

Parent Liaison - each year we have a parent assigned for each FAST group to be a information/contact point for you. The parent liaisons take care of carpool requests, general inquiries/concerns, group specific events, etc. Please feel free to contact your parent liaison with any of your questions or concerns.

Parent Liaison Junior Group 2018-19:

Charlene Cummins, email fastparentjunior@gmail.com