Novice Level The Novice group is designed to introduce new swimmers to the fun of competitive swimming. Swimmers will be taught all four competitive strokes through various exercises, games, and metaphors. Swimmers who start with competitive program and work towards getting their A and B standards. Novice level reflects “Fundamentals” and “Learn to Train” stages of SNC Long Term Athletes Development. Swimmers are generally age 7-11 and encouraged to continue additional sport activities outside swimming. This level will also be introduced to dry land component 1x week throughout the season to allow for greater physical literacy. Novice level swimmers participate in Premier Division meets.

Novice Red -

Novice Black -

Entry point for competitive swimmers, no standards, preferable participation in pre-comp program, swimmers will be taught all 4 strokes and introduced to competitions

Group criteria-no standards

Technical requirements - 4 legal strokes, legal turns, must be able to do 50 kick (no assistance) with proper body position.

This group is for adolescent athletes mastering fundamental competitive swimming skills. The focus of the group is developing technical skills in the four competitive strokes and endurance so the swimmer can swim for longer durations. Swimmers at this level swimmers who are working towards B times.

Group criteria- working towards B times, kick set 4x50 on 2:00 average 1:20, 100's of each stroke (except Fly)

Technical requirements-4 legal strokes, legal turns, bi-lateral breathing, relay take overs.

Parent Liaison - each year we have a parent assigned for each FAST group to be a information/contact point for you. The parent liaisons take care of carpool requests, general inquiries/concerns, group specific events, etc. Please feel free to contact your parent liaison with any of your questions or concerns.

Parent Liaison Novice Group 2018-19:

Kelly Gaines, email

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