Meet Fees

Each Swim Meet your swimmer attends has a fee. The amount of this fee varies from meet to meet. The estimated meet fee is included in the swim meet information that is posted in the Events section of our website.

Each Meet Fee includes the following: 1) An amount paid to the Hosting Club, and 2) FAST’s Coaching & Travel Fee. 

The amount paid to the Hosting Club (per registered swimmer) is determined by SNB. The hosting club forwards a portion of this amount to SNB and the remaining amount and is used to pay for all the expenses incurred to run the meet (i.e.. pool rental, supplies, any awards, hospitality, etc.).


The FAST Coaching & Travel fee is used to pay our coaches a per diem (rather than hourly pay) to attend/coach the swimmers for that meet, and also cover any travel & accommodations expenses the coaches may incur if travelling outside the Fredericton area. None of the officials and/or volunteers are paid to run the swim meet. The goal is to provide an opportunity for the swimmers to race with minimal expense. 


Hosting clubs do use this opportunity to sell canteen items, programs and/or advertising in an effort to make revenue for their swim club.

Meet Decline Deadline

Each meet has a deadline to let us know in case your swimmer can not attend a swim meet otherwise your swimmer is signed up for the meet and you will be charged meet fees for that particular meet.

All swimmers in Competitive Development and Competitive 2 are eligible to participate in Premier Meets so please check deadlines to avoid charges in you can not attend.

Some swimmers in Competitive 1 and Performance Development are also able to participate in development meets.

Rule of thumb is that if you are receiving an email notification about the upcoming meet then you are eligible to participate and you are automatically signed up unless you decline the meet before Meet Decline Deadline that your swimmers in not able to participate.

Team trips are exception to the rule and you need to let us know if your swimmer is attending a team trip.

Swim Meet Decline Tutorial


What to pack for a Swim Meet

FAST Swim Suit (spare if you have one)

Goggles (2 minimum)

FAST Swim Cap (2 minimum) the coaches usually bring extra to the meet if needed but you can’t rely on this.

2 towels

Comfy dry clothes to wear over their suit between events (sweatpants, hoodies)

FAST T-shirt

Water bottle 

Plastic Bag for wet stuff

Light snacks for between events (ex. Fishy crackers, fruits such as grapes, oranges, apples or watermelon, raisins. Chocolate milk for after the meet.)

Money for a meet program – so the swimmer can follow along with the meet and know when their swim is coming up. Meet programs are typically between $2-$5 for a one day meet.

FAST Apparel & Equipment policy requires higher level FAST groups to bring FAST clothing to all Swim Meets. Click here for more information.

Positive attitude and Cheering Voice


Meet Information session

Understanding Meet Terminology