*UPDATED - DEADLINE EXTENDED_Swim Cap Design Competition

FAST Office

UPDATE - submission deadline has been extended to April 1, 2020.


Dear Fast Families,

We wanted to send out an email explaining a contest that every swimmer can get involved in. The contest will be to design a FAST swim cap for the FAST 50th Gala. The lucky winners will have their designs made into swim caps that can be purchased. Over the next couple of days your swimmers will be informed of this by our leadership group. 
A blank template is attached to this email so that you can print if off for your swimmer. If you are unable to print the template please ask your coach for a one.  Designs need to be handed in no later than March 14th and judging will occur on March 15th. Judges will not know which swimmer designed which cap until after judging. After March 15th the top nine designs will be revealed on the FAST 50 Facebook page and Instagram. The three winning designs will be revealed at the gala, May 2nd. 
1) There will be three age groups and a winner in age group. The age groups are 10 and under, 11-13, 14 and older.  
2) The word FAST must be included in your design. 
3) You can use a maximum or four colours in your design. 
We look forward to your designs. It will be neat to see new FAST caps at practice. 
Please forward your submissions to your swim coach or email to fastswimmingoffice@gmail.com.
Good luck, 
Kayla Scholten and Landen MacDonald