*NEW* Swimmer Achievement Recognition

FAST Office

Swimmer Achievement Recognition

NEW– pin for achieving first NB Standard time in any event

Achieving your first B or A time is a memorable moment for swimmers. We want to recognize this and have developed special pins for their backpack to acknowledge this achievement.

Swimmers who establish their first B, first A, or first AA NB Standard time, SC or LC in any event, will receive one of these special pins. 

  • The recognition of this and handing out of the pins will start for the 2020-2021 swim season
  • Swimmers who achieve an NB B, A, or AA standard time during this season will receive a pin
  • Swimmers who hold a B, A, or AA time from before the Sept 2020- Aug 2021 swim season will not get a pin until they achieve the time standard again
  • Swimmers will only receive one “B” pin, one “A” pin, and one “AA” pin over their time with FAST
  • Pins won’t be given to swimmers who age up and receive a “new” B, A or AA time after they receive their first 

Coaches will be handing them out in the next few weeks