We try to keep fundraising to a minimum, while at the same time taking advantage of any opportunity to raise funds for the Team with minimal effort/cost for our FAST families. With this in mind, the following is the Fundraising plan for next season. We expect a few additional fundraisers to be added to this plan and we will keep you posted.

Bottle Drive Oct 2020


Leaf Raking/Yard Clean up



Chapters - Cancelled

Chocolate Bars

Swim a thon

Fundraising Plan 2020-21
Fundraiser Timeline Voluntary or Mandatory Proceeds go to Proceeds used for Contact
Bottle Drive ongoing - drop at BEST METALS anytime


How can you help?

FAST   Jenny Scott

Oct 24, 2020

Exhibition Grounds



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Coaches fees for swim meets (FALL)
early 2021 - FAST will organize a drop off location and deliver bottles Swim Meet Hosting Expenses - Atlantic Cup (SPRING)
FlipGift ongoing Voluntary FAST Coaching fees for swim meets FAST Office
Leaf Raking/Yard Clean Up


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Voluntary Groups A4, APJ, APS Swimmer for March Break Training Camp 2022 Funds held for payment of March Break Training Camp 2022. If trip does not run or swimmers does not attend in 2022, proceeds for that swimmer will be applied to their FAST account at that time. Cynthia Duguay
Salmon Nov 2020 Voluntary 20% to FAST and 80% to Credits on Family accounts FAST's 20% will go to subsidize our deficit. 80% proceeds will be credited to your personal FAST account. Jeanne Van den Broeck
Chapters CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19     Subsidize Deficit for 2020-21  


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·      for first 5 wreaths sold proceeds go to FAST Subsidize Deficit for 2020-21 and/or earn money for your personal FAST fees Jenny Scott
·      proceeds from 6thor more sold go to credit on family account
Chocolate Bar Sales

late Jan/early Feb for Valentine’s day

SIGN UP for additional boxes HERE

Mandatory – must sell 1 box/swimmer family •       Proceeds for 1stbox go to FAST •       FAST - Subsidize Deficit for 2020-21 Jenny Scott
•       Proceeds from 2ndor more boxes credit on family account •     earn money to pay for your personal FAST fees  
Swim A Thon April Mandatory  FAST/SNB/SNC •       Capital Campaign for New Pool Andrea Addison
•       Equipment to run Swim Meets to suppliment $13k raised at 2019-20 FSI auction. Total Amount needed surpasses $20k