Pre-competitive Program - An introduction to competitive swimming

Session Registration Opens Start Date End Date
Fall Aug 13, 2018 Sept 25, 2018 Nov 29, 2018
Winter Nov 30, 2018 Jan 8, 2019 Mar 21, 2019
Spring Mar 4, 2019 April 2, 2019 June 6, 2019

Swimmers are generally between the ages of 6 - 10 years old.

Yellow - Acquisition of skills-swimmers are introduced to competitive skills in friendly environment, will strive to develop good basic skills of all 4 competitive strokes, starts and turns. Expected outcome is strong kicking skills, breathing skills and body position that will allow for a development of arm strokes.

Orange - Building of strong foundation, swimmers will strive to develop consistency in their stroke execution and keep working on building their fitness to support the strokes. Expected outcome is good coordination of arms and legs skills and ability to perform each of strokes for 10-20m

Green - Consolidation of skills, swimmers will strive to develop efficiency and work on mastering skills. Will also be introduced to all competitive rules. Expected outcome is swimmers will have good knowledge of each competitive stroke and starts and turns.

Blue - Further development into competitive swimming by combining all skills into blocks. Endurance and skills are further enhanced to maintain the quality of the stroke ‘stronger for longer’. Drills, challenges and combinations of skills enrich this level in readiness for what’s ahead in this swimmer friendly setting.

Blovice - information coming soon... 

Expected outcome is performance of the Individual Medley (IM) combination for time, Freestyle swim for time and kick for time, that will allow swimmer to enter competitive groups.