Pre Competitive Program - An introduction to Competitive Swimming
• The goal of our Pre Competitive program is to introduce kids to swimming in a fun, safe environment where they are learning the correct techniques for competitive swimming right from the start.
• FAST has a 6 level Pre Competitive program for kids aged 4 and up. (See below) These groups range from no swim experience right through to an introduction to competitive swimming.
• Some of our highest level Pre Competitive swimmers participate in the 10 & Under Fun Meet that is held in April of each year.
• Our Pre Competitive Program is overseen by our Coordinator, Brittany Harvey (, and is taught by our senior swimmers who have met qualifications to coach the various groups.
• Each coach also has a "shadow" or helper. It is the shadow's job to help the coach and to gain experience so they can continue on in their coaching journey.
Groups Explained
  Age Requirements Group Focus
White 4+ • must be comfortable in the water without parent/guardian on swim deck • developing basic swimming skills (i.e. floating, gliding, streamline, position, jumping into deep water, treading water, swimming unassisted)
• no swimming skills required  
Yellow 6+ • Comfortable in the water unassisted • Basics of Freestyle and Backstroke
• Can swim around in some form without an aid or coaches help • Basics of Breast/Whip Kick
• Can float on front and back unassisted • Basics of Butterfly Kick
• Have had prior swim lessons or passed White level or assessed by a FAST coach  
Orange 6-8 • Can swim Freestyle and Backstroke • Freestyle and Backstroke
• Can do Flutter Kick (on back and front) • Breast/Whip Kick
• Understands what Dolphin Kick and Breast/Whip kick are and can demonstrate in some form • Butterfly Kick
• Can glide and float on front and back • Intro to Flip/Open turns
Green 7-9 • Can swim Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke • Breaststroke
• Can do Flutter Kick (on back and front), Breast/Whip Kick, and Dolphin Kick • Flip/Open Turns
• Understands what Butterfly is and can demonstrate in some form • Intro to diving off edge/Starting Blocks
  • Intro to Backstroke Starts
Blue 7-10 • Can swim Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke • Butterfly
• Can do Flutter Kick (on back and front), and Breast/Whip Kick • Legal Turns
• Can do Dolphin Kick and basics of Butterfly full stroke • Diving/Starts
• Can do flip turns and open turns • Intro to Individual Medley (IM)
• Can dive off edge of the pool  
• Can do Backstroke Starts  
Purple 7-10 • Can swim Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly • Endurance
• Can do flip and open turns • Individual Medley (IM)
• Can dive off the Starting Block • Intro to Competitive Racing
• Can do Backstroke starts