2019-2020 Pre Competitive Sessions
Session Registration Opens Start Date End Date
Fall Returning Swimmers August 17, 2020 Sept 21, 2020 Nov 14, 2020
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Winter Returning Swimmers      
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Returning Swimmers

Returning swimmers are those swimmers who were enrolled in the session immediately preceeding the current one.
All returning swimmers will have received an email or report card letting you know what group you should register your swimmer for. To register select the "Registration" button below.
Registration Requirements for Returning Swimmers:
  • Complete online registration including signing of waivers/code of conduct
  • payment of FAST registration & insurance fees

New-to-FAST Swimmers

Registration Requirements:

  • age 4-12 years as of Dec 31
  • In-pool Assessment by a FAST coach (see below)
  • Complete online registration including signing of waivers/code of conduct
  • payment of FAST registration & insurance fees

In-pool Assessments:

If you are a new-to-FAST, our coaches would like to assess your swimmer's skills to ensure they register for the correct group. 

Prior to each Session we schedule at least one Assessment night where you can show up with your swimmer ready to swim. After your Assessment, you may register by selecting the "Registration" button below.

The Assessment does not guarantee your swimmer a spot in the group - you still have to register your swimmer through our online registration process

You can "Request an Assessment" any time. Submit this form and one of our coaches will contact you.


Wait List Policy

FAST returning swimmers and their siblings have the opportunity to register earlier than "new-to-FAST" swimmers. Returning swimmers are those swimmers who were enrolled in the session immediately preceeding the current one. At times the groups fill up quickly so please be aware that even though your swimmer may have been assessed for a certain group, you still have to register for that group once registration opens for new Swimmers. 


Assessment of Behavior and Physical Control:

  • Attention control FAST considers what is in the best interest of all its swimmers as well as an individual. To ensure all swimmers have the opportunity of equal and quality coaching, a swimmer cannot consistently demand an unreasonable amount of the coaches’ attention/time and/or distract fellow swimmers from their coaching experience.

  • Emotional control - A swimmer cannot act in an aggressive manner and/or present a safety risk to themselves or their fellow swimmers.

  • Motor control – Every swimmer has their own ability level. Coaches strive to ensure every swimmer is meeting their potential, however, they must ensure the swimmer is not overwhelmed to perform above their current level of ability. Or inhibit other swimmers from their right to equal and quality training.

  • Processing Information – a swimmer must be able to keep up with the pace of the group, train at the level required, and have the ability to put the coach’s instructions into action independently.


Please let us know:

Please ensure our coaching staff is informed of any medical, behavioural and/or physical concerns, however minor. This information must be disclosed in the “Medical Notes and Information” section of the online registration form. This includes any behavioural issues that will help the coaching staff better interact with your swimmer. All information related to your swimmer is confidential and helps our coaching staff serve your swimmer to the best of their abilities. If needed, a plan will be put in place to help you, your swimmer, and the coaching staff have a full understanding of expectations, and possible limitations, insuring open communication and having your swimmer get the most out of their program.

Minimum 5 swimmers/group needed. Should minimum registration not be met, full refunds will be given.