Welcome to Flatland Sport Centre Incorporated!

Flatland Sport Centre Inc. (FSCI) was created in 2010 by Jeff Toth with assistance from its other director, his wife and partner, Sara. Focused on creating an organization that is participant centered, coach guided and parent supported, Jeff and Sara aim to build FSCI to include various sport programs and training opportunities.

Flatland Swimming - at a glance...

Flatland Swimming is the founding program of Flatland Sport Centre Inc.

Our Head Coach, Jeff Toth, is responsible for coaching, yearly planning, training schedules, discipline and all other matters related to the technical side of the Swimming Program. He is also responsible to ensure that all FSCI, Swim Saskatchewan and Swim Canada policies and procedures, competition and program guidelines are respected.

The administrator for Flatland Swimming is FSCI Director, Sara Toth. Please direct any registration, fees, commitments, comments or general questions related to the non-technical side of the Swimming Program to her.

All pre-competitive and competitive coaching staff of Flatland Swimming are required to be registered members of the Swim Saskatchewan Coaches’ Association as well as the Canadian Swim Coaches and Teachers’ Association. They, like all members of FSCI, are expected to acknowledge and adhere to all of our partner's Codes of Conduct.

Our Learn to Swim instructors are all coaches-in-training. Most of them have either NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) training, Water Safety Instructor, other lifeguarding training and certifications or are university educated teachers. If you have any question about the experience and qualification of our Learn to Swim instructors, please contact our Head Coach, Jeff Toth.

Swimming Program Descriptions

We offer 4 levels of pre-competitive swimming (Learn to Swim), 2 levels of Competition Introduction and 3 levels of Competitive Swimming. To learn more about the various programs at Flatland Swimming, please contact us.

Squad selection/placement is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff and final approval is given by the Head Coach.


All families must be accepted as members of Flatland Sport Centre Inc and all swimmers must be members of FSCI, Swim Saskatchewan and Swim Canada.

Membership is a privilege and with it comes many rights and experiences. It also comes with responsibilities and can be revoked for breach of conduct, failure to keep your account up to date and breach of your coach, athlete or parent contract.

Flatland Sport Centre is a proud part of the True Sport Movement. True Sport is a social movement powered by people who believe that sport can transform lives and communities—if we do it right. True Sport members across Canada are committed to community sport that’s healthy, fair, inclusive, and fun. True Sport members stand together against cheating, bullying, aggressive parental behaviour, and win-at-all-costs thinking. Canadians behind the True Sport Movement believe that the way we play together shapes how we live together. Sport falls short of its potential when negative behaviour gets in the way of the positive things community sport can teach us about working together, respecting each other’s efforts, and handling both victory and defeat with the grace of a champion.  (as taken from www.truesportpur.ca)

Fees and Fundraising

Flatland Swimming derives its income largely from member families. Once a swimmer is accepted into the Swim Team and the family’s registration application has been approved only then, will the swimmer be able to participate in training and competition. Pre-Competitive (Learn to Swim) classes are accessible to everyone, with priority registration given to returning families. For detailed information about our fee structures, please contact us.

There is no mandatory fundraising required at Flatland Swimming, for any program. However, if you wish to join our booster club, Flatland Sport Services, this group provides opportunities to raise funds that can go towards your swimmer's program and competition costs. A membership fee is required to belong to this not-for-profit club. 

Flatland Sport Centre’s Code of Conduct

The Codes of Conduct as outlined by Swim Canada and Swim Saskatchewan are also the ones that Flatland Swimming enforces. These Codes of Conduct are available on both Swim Canada’s and Swim Saskatchewan’s websites. The behavior of all athletes, coaches, volunteers, instructors and consultants will also conform to the Flatland Sport Centre Inc. Code of Conduct. Breaches in this Code will result in the penalties expressed in FSCI's Harrassment and Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures.

The Rulebook of Swimming Canada will govern the conduct of all sanctioned swimming events.

Contact Information

FSCI Director and Swimming Program Head Coach, Jeff Toth

Cell: 306-351-0203

Email: [email protected]

FSCI Director and Swimming Program Administrator, Sara Toth

Cell: 306-540-7770

Email: [email protected]