What is Swim BC Insurance and why do we need it?

All athletes registered in a swim club that has an affiliation with Swim BC and Swim Canada must pay an insurance fee. This fee covers the club, athletes, volunteers and coaches in a number of ways. Athletes cannot participate in the clubs program if it is not paid.  

Non-Competitive Insurance vs. Competitive Insurance

Swim BC and Swim Canada have different levels of insurance categories depending on the participation of athletes in "sanctioned events". Sanctioned events are meets or time trials that have an athletes times officially recognized and recorded to the Swim Canada data base.

  • Non-Competitive insurance allows an athlete to participate in only 1 (one) of these events, a time trial or a meet, in the swim season (September to August). If an athlete is registered as Non-Competitive and wishes to attend another meet or time trial they must be upgraded to the appropriate Competitive age group category.
  • Competitive Insurance allows an athlete to participate in as many sanctioned events as they wish in the defined season - September to August.
  • This insurance fee does not cover any meet fees or time trial fees charged by the club.

Insurance Policy Information:

Swim BC provides its membership with the following insurance coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability – which is required by our facility so we can operate
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment  
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance 
  • Out of Province Travel Insurance

The operations of the insured(the club) include:

  • All Games and Practices
  • Training Camps
  • Fundraising Events
  • Provincial Tournaments
  • National Tournaments
  • World Championships
  • Social Events
  • Club, Provincial and National Meetings

The insurance provides coverage for Swimming Canada, Provincial Associations participating in the program, Affiliated Leagues, Clubs and/or Teams, their Officers, Directors, Coaches, Officials, Players, Auxiliary Workers, Employees and Volunteers, who are participating in the program.

For further information please see 2.10.1 (p. 12-14) of the Swim BC Swim Guide (found under Club Admin on the Swim BC website)