Eric Louie Excited About University Swimming Experience

Jessica Baccante

Eric Louie, a constant on the podium and in the record books for the Inconnu Swim Club the last three years, will make the jump to the university level, signing an agreement to swim for the University of Lethbridge this fall. Louie, a remarkably consistent and hardworking swimmer, is a longtime Inconnu member. He is the oldest of four brothers in the club, who could definitely follow in his footsteps in the coming years.

“(Louie) is a good swimmer and very talented, always working hard at practice and willing to focus on technique and refine his strokes,” said Inconnu coach Curtis Robinson.

Louie downplayed his accomplishments and work ethic when asked about moving on to university.

“It’s always been a goal of mine to take swimming to the next level, and university was the most obvious path to do so. I’m fortunate to have enough good performances in my high school years to get noticed by some universities,” said Louie.

It’s that modesty and focused attitude that really stands out to Inconnu coach Norah Vogan, who coached Louie in the 2018-19 season. “(Louie) has such a positive attitude, no matter how he does at an event — even if he’s disappointed with the result — he’ll find something positive to take away and is always concerned with how he can improve,” Vogan said.

Louie excels in the short swims like the 50m and 100m, and his best strokes are the breast and butterfly.

One of the reasons swimming at Lethbridge was so appealing is he’ll be able to focus on his strengths, instead of filling in a hole on the team.

“Some of the bigger schools I visited are concerned with winning the points total at meets,” said Louie. “Lethbridge is a smaller school and team, so they’re more interested in you succeeding individually in your best events.” 

Both Robinson and Vogan swam in university and are big proponents of competing at the college level.

"I see college as the next step for a lot of kids," Robinson said. "Being in a close team atmosphere like that, with athletes who have a lot in common with you, is very important and (Louie) should be able to go a long way."