The Golden Horseshoe Aquatic Club (GHAC) makes FAST swimming FUN in Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, Dundas, Ancaster, and Stoney Creek. GHAC provides the opportunity and environment for the youth of the Golden Horseshoe, and surrounding areas, to participate and attain their maximum individual potentials in the sport of competitive swimming and to stay active for life. The Club’s competitive stream is supported by a novice development program that consistently strives to promote excellence within the competitive swimming community and directly correlates with Swim Ontario and Swim Canada’s objectives and Long-Term Athlete Development Plan. GHAC’s non-competitive stream strives to keep swimmers of all ages and abilities Active for Life through the sport of swimming which also aligns with Swim Ontario, and Swim Canada’s goal of creating a healthier society


The Golden Horseshoe Aquatic Club (GHAC) is an amateur, non-profit organization run by a team of administrators that teaches and promotes the sport of competitive swimming as well as keeping swimmers active for life. GHAC’s focus is to provide a FUN environment for residents of the Golden Horseshoe area to participate in structured swimming from non-competitive to international levels and everything in between (Non-Competitive, Development, Regional, Provincial, National, International). The Club believes that everyone has the right to swim and participate regardless of race, gender, ability, socio-economic status or age. We welcome participants from all walks of life and varying swimming abilities including Para swimming. Para-swimming is Swimming Canada’s fully integrated swimming program for person’s with a disability from grassroots to elite. GHAC encourages structured swimming training for skill development, self-development, life development, independence, leadership and sportsmanship. We consistently push to develop healthy, well-rounded athletes that will be active for life and who positively contribute to society.

GHAC offers a plethora of programming including, advanced lessons, a flexible development program, competitive and high-performance training. Experienced, educated, and professional swim coaches oversee all the swimming programs while qualified administrators handle the registration and operations. GHAC is affiliated with Swimming Canada, the national sport governing body, and Swim Ontario, its provincial affiliate. The direct and obvious benefits of structured swimming include increased physical well-being, greater cardiovascular fitness, increased strength and improved coordination. A healthier person is also a happier person, better able to deal with life’s daily stress. Swimmers also benefit socially by developing close friendships with teammates and swimmers from other clubs. The self-discipline learned in the pool also carries over to outside endeavors, such as school, and the experience gained through winning, and losing, helps our swimmers grow toward adulthood. Coaches provide individual attention to all swimmers regardless of age or ability which contributes to each swimmer’s personal improvement, and fosters self-confidence.