GHAC coaches Thought of the Day with Coach Julie

Julie Crowe

GHAC coaches Thought of the Day with Coach Julie


Hello GHAC families.  Just over a week of school left and summer is within grasp.  YA!


As always, I hope this email finds you and your family healthy and safe.


I have talked about head position in breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke.  Now it is time for fly.  Du du do!  First of all, my upmost respect to all flyers.  You are incredible.  There is something magical about watching a swimmer slip in and out of the water in the beautiful rhythm of butterfly.  Of course, the beauty of the stroke does not convey the agony of the athlete preforming it.  Am I right?  


As always, the position of your head in butterfly is very important.  If you keep your chin too high in a forward looking position, you hips will sink causing drag.  If you tuck your chin too low against your chest, your head will be under water causing drag.  Drag means that you swim slower.  Not good.  The best position for your head to be in while swimming fly is a neutral face down position.  This will keep your hips from sinking.  When it is time to breathe, do not lift your shoulders.  That is a lot of unnecessary effort and will cause your hips to fall.  Lift your chin and breathe forward.  I call this "Turtle Breathing".  The goal is to keep your chin as close to the water when breathing.  Pretend you are a turtle and stick your head forward, not up.  


Below is a good drill to practice Turtle Breathing.


As I head to my cottage in a few weeks, I would like to thank you all for being so amazing.  The current situation is not what any of us anticipated or expected.  We find ourselves in uncharted territory.  To anyone affected directly or indirectly by COVID, my deepest condolences.  To all front line workers, my deepest thanks and respect.  To all GHAC athletes who missed a graduation, I am so sorry.  You have missed a right of passage.  To all of you who missed out on opportunities, swim meets, proms, celebrations, the chance to hang with friends and lane mates, I am so sorry. I hope you are able to look back at this time and realize that the grace and dignity in which you handled the situation will lend itself to the amazing leaders and future selves your are destined to become.  You will be able to handle change,  adversity and challenges like no other as you have faced a world event head on.  You know the sacrifices, courage, and flexibility needed to move forward.  To all my GHAC families, I feel that we will be together soon.  This too shall pass.  What remains is the incredible club, athletes, parents, and coaches that make up GHAC.


Be kind and caring and take care of those around you.


Have a safe and wonderful summer.  


Coach Julie ❤️