GHAC Coaches Thought of the Day with Coach Alex

Alex Parent

GHAC Coaches Thought of the Day with Coach Alex


Visualization can be a very useful skill to develop that can help in both swimming and in your every day life. As with most things, visualization takes practice and the more you implement it into your day to day activities the better you will get at it. In the context of swimming we generally intend the visualization to be in regards to a race. You want to be as detailed as possible in creating the visualization (pool location, water temperature, noises, people, etc) and run through an entire race in your head.

Here is a list to help get you started in using visualization:

-what meet are you competing in, what pool are you at, what race are you swimming, what is your current time, what is your goal time, what heat are you in, and what lane are you in
-think about what you are going to be feeling when you are on the block (what does your stance on the block look like, where are your feet, head, and hands?)

-feel the power in your legs as your jump off the block, stretching into a streamline position
-entering the water and doing your underwater dolphin kicks, think about what your first few strokes look like. How many strokes do you take before you take your first breath?
-As you swim to the end of the pool imagine every stroke/kick you take and when you breath.
-When you get closer to the wall think about how your turn will be and the underwater work you do off the wall. Is it a flip turn or a touch turn, and if you are swimming backstroke, how many strokes do you need to take from the flags into the wall
-As you finish the race imagine how tired you are and what you need to do to keep your technique together. Once your hand hits the wall imagine looking at the scoreboard and seeing your goal time.