uOttawa COVID Screening Protocols: Senior Track and Youth Group

Jason Allen

uOttawa COVID Declaration and Daily Assessement  


All visitors (external clients, contractors, athletes, facility, students)  must be vaccinated to access the athletic facilities on campus as of September 7th (first dose) and October 15th (second dose).Please read carefully the information provided on uOttawa website: https://www.uottawa.ca/coronavirus/en/mandatory-covid-19-vaccination.

All attendees will need to fill out the University of Ottawa Vaccination declaration.

In addition, the daily assessment is required BEFORE arriving on campus EVERY DAY.  The person will receive a confirmation (in assessment and via email) if they are approved or denied coming on campus

Swimmers are not allowed at practice if an assessment is not shown to coach. No exceptions.


uOttawa Covid Steps are:

1.  Must set up an account and then upload your vaccination papers and other information.

2.  After you submit your papers, login with your created login and password.  (There may be a period of time prior to it being approved- 24 hours?).  Make sure you try your login and password as they may work right a way(even if it says one business day)--as it did for our staff.  If you have issues please contact the uOttawa support team.  They are very good at helping out and resolving any issues.

3.  Complete your uOttawa daily covid assessment - every day.  If you have an early morning practice, you must do it prior to attending that practice.  The pass is good for the entire day, incase you have a double practice on one day.

4.  You must show the email to your coach(early am) or uOttawa attendee ( PM practice in lobby or gate) @ MontPetite.

Swimmers are not allowed at practice if an assessment is not shown . No exceptions.

We understand there may be some glitches and so on. However, we started practices earlier for the Youth Group and Senior Track athletes in order to have them get the procedures ironed out.  Thus, if you miss a practice this week due to some "glitches" we fully understand and support it.


Thank you for your support in making our envirionment as safe as possible for each other.


Jason, Simon, Tom,  Amanda, Kris, Audrey