GO Kingfish Closing January 05, 2022: Omicron Update

Jason Allen

Dear Kingfish Families: 

The priority of Greater Ottawa Kingfish is the health and well-being of all our student-athletes and staff during COVID-19.  

We always follow guidance from Ottawa Public Health (OPH), Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, Swim Ontario, and Swimming Canada. 

We would like to update you regarding January Programing:

GO City and uOttawa Pools:

  • The City of Ottawa Pools will be closed as of Wednesday January 05 @12:01am until further notice. The City Pools will re open when Ottawa Public Health/Province of Ontario decide it is safe enough to re open. 
  • The University Pool will continue to be closed until further notice.  uOttawa will re open when Ottawa Public Health/Province of Ontario, and the university think it is safe enough to re open.


GO COVID-19 Decisions for January:

GO will be closed until further notice, as of Wednesday January 05, as dictated by the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa.  We will be planning our return to programming (we will be ready) once updates/notifications are issued from Ottawa Public Health/Province of Ontario and City of Ottawa. 

GO will continue Strength training 3 times per week for all groups and encourage our swimmers to participate in our GO Winter Challenge.  Updates to the strength sessions and GO Winter Challenge will be distributed by Lead Group Coaches by the end of Monday January 03, 2022.

Again, GO will immediately resume normal scheduling once allowed/directed by the City of Ottawa and/or Province of Ontario.


Swim fees update:

The Board of Directors pass a yearly budget based on yearly expenses. The analysis considers GO programming and expected operating expenses until our fiscal year-end of August 31, 2022. Swim fees, detailed in our  handbook (page 8), are established and payment installments are determined with the objective of doing what is best for the club’s long-term sustainability, maintaining our salaried coaching staff on contract to ensure continuity and ongoing success. Please be advised:

  1. GO BOD will be meeting to discuss membership fees shortly; updates on membership fees will be distributed the Week of January 24, 2022.  
  2. GO is working on being ready for a return to swim for the Week of January 24, 2022 (if allowed).




GO recommends aerobic workouts (Running, skiing, skating on outdoor city run rinks, hiking, snowshoeing, stationary bike, walking….) be done 3-+ times a week with a day of rest in between each workout for proper recovery.  We can stay fit for this period by stepping up and staying active via aerobic and strength exercise sessions!

Swimmers can Post your aerobic workouts online and see how you rate amongst your peers – or even your Parents and coaches!  With your parent’s permission, download the Strava App and track your run or ride (many other sports to choose from) on our GO Kingfish Strava Page! These are intended for GO Kingfish members.   

Parents/guardians have the final say in all activities participated in.  Always participate in a safe environment including using appropriate attire, staying hydrated and being safe.  When/if outside, be sure to follow social distancing recommendations by the City of Ottawa, Ontario Province and Health Canada.

Please contact your respective coach for any questions



GO will continue with periodic emails and weekly reminders during our January closing.

GO will update our website daily when new information becomes available –always check our website for updates!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Head Coach – Jason Allen at [email protected] or (613) 864-6485----or your respective group coach.



We hope everyone follows our City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health guidelines.

Always Mask up, sanitize your hands, and stay 2 meters apart.




Jason Allen

Stay educated, Stay healthy, Stay strong.

GO Program Director- Head Coach