GO Kingfish Update: Government of Ontario Announcement - Opening January 31, 2022

Jason Allen

Dear Kingfish Families: 

The priority of Greater Ottawa Kingfish is the health and well-being of all our student-athletes and staff during COVID-19.  

We always follow guidance from Ottawa Public Health (OPH), Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, Swim Ontario, and Swimming Canada.


We would like to update you regarding Programing:

GO Pools and Facilities:

City of Ottawa:

  • We are awaiting final communication from The City of Ottawa informing us what will happen with regards to the Government of Ontario announcement of returning to swim on January 31, 2022, and beyond.


  •  We are awaiting final communication from the University of Ottawa informing us what will happen with regards to the Government of Ontario announcement of returning to swim on January 31, 2022, and beyond.

We are expecting updates in the next 24-72 hours and will announce our return to swim intentions after confirmation from the City of Ottawa and University of Ottawa.


GO COVID-19 Decisions for February:

GO will remain closed until January 31, 2022, as dictated by the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa.  We will be planning our return to programming (we will be ready) once updates/notifications are issued from Ottawa Public Health/Province of Ontario and City of Ottawa. 

GO will continue Strength training 3 times per week for all groups until we are allowed to resume swimming.   

Again, GO will immediately resume normal scheduling once allowed/directed by the City of Ottawa and/or Province of Ontario……..expectations are  the week of January 31, 2022.



Swim fees update:

The Board of Directors (BOD) pass a yearly budget based on yearly expenses. The analysis considers GO programming and expected operating expenses until our fiscal year-end of August 31, 2022. Swim fees, detailed in our  handbook (page 8), are established and payment installments are determined with the objective of doing what is best for the club’s long-term sustainability, maintaining our salaried coaching staff on contract to ensure continuity and ongoing success for now and future years.

After reviewing our current financial position on Thursday January 20, 2022, the GO Board of Directors have made the following decisions which reflect the best interest of GO and its membership moving forward:


February 01- 28, 2022

  1.  No GO fees will be assessed for this period for our membership.
  2. Swimming Canada Identified High Performance Athletes (From Senior Track 1), as dictated by Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada,  will be charged regular fees for the month of February.
  3. GO is working on being ready for a return to swim for the Week of January 31, 2022.
  4. Another update regarding return to swim will be distributed immediately upon receiving clarification from our facilities.




  • GO will update our website daily when new information becomes available.
  • GO will provide another update immediately upon receiving updates from our facilities for our return to swim process.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Head Coach – Jason Allen at [email protected] or (613) 864-6485.



Thank you for your patience and support during these crazy times, 


Jason Allen