The Club

Welcome to the Greater Ottawa Kingfish Swim Club (GO), a competitive swim club that offers a swimming program for the novice to the international-level athlete. The club was formed in 1981 when the Gloucester Swim Club and the Ottawa Kingfish Swim Club amalgamated.

The club consists of approximately 300 swimmers of all ages. GO swimmers have competed at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, Pan Pacific Championships, National Youth Championships, Canada Games and have had a strong presence at the National, Provincial and Regional Championships for many years.


The Greater Ottawa (GO) Kingfish is a non-profit, inclusive, competitive swim club dedicated to maximizing the potential of aspiring young athletes by offering a development program that incorporates and builds upon principles from the SNC Long Term Athlete Development Strategy. GO Kingfish Swim Club is committed to providing a safe environment, encouraging social interaction with peers, and providing competitive opportunities for all members. The Club strives to offer all members fair competition and access to high standards of coaching and coaching resources.


GO Kingfish Swim Club's vision is to be one of Canada's most highly regarded swim clubs by providing a dynamic team environment that encourages excellence in the sport of swimming and allows each swimmer to meet their full potential while instilling the philosophy of sport by implementing the guidelines of the True Sport Principles.


GO Kingfish is dedicated to the True Sport Movement and commits itself to the True Sport Principles of Go For It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Everyone and Give Back. GO Kingfish holds each swimmer to a high standard of values that includes respect for all coaches, athletes, volunteers, officials and parents. Our coaches lead by example, exemplify, and promote the following:

Teamwork Integrity Excellence Ownership
Respect Hard Work Dedication