Links to Swimming Related Websites

Swimming Canada

The swimming Canada website allows you to track the progress of your swimmer. It contains historical and current data on every competitive swimmer in the country.


Swimming Ontario

This website contains news and info on swimming in the province of Ontario. Swim Ontario hosts two provincial swim meets each year - one at the end of the short course season and one at the end of the long course season.


Swimming World Magazine

This magazine published in the USA is focused mainly on USA swimming, but it does cover some international swimming news. The magazine always contains various articles of interest to all swimmers.


Swim Swam

This is a swimming-based website that focuses on all aspects of swimming.


Canadian Sport for Life

Canadian Sport for Life is a movement to increase sport's contribution in Canadian society recognizing sport as an important part of everyone's life by promoting each child's healthy and logical development in a sport or physical activity.


Canadian Athletes Now (CANFUND)

A non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for Canadian Athletes


Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth


USA Swimming

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about your child's training, growth, health, and development.