Bronze and Silver - These groups have the swimmers focus on advanced skill development while introducing the training principles of competitive swimming. Criteria for this level are: skill/technique acquisition, attendance, and listening skills/willingness to follow instruction.

Gold - This group builds on the fundamental skills the swimmers have learned to this point. While technical development is still the main focus for this group, they are also introduced to a more complex training environment.

Youth - This group is designed for swimmers who are advanced enough physically, mentally and technically to handle and commit to increased levels of training and time. Swimmers in this group have chosen swimming as the sport in which they would like to excel. The training program is an individual medley (IM) based so that these young athletes can develop in all four strokes. This program will also strive to advance those athletes who have a high level of potential and commitment. It will prepare the swimmers for the next level while striving to reach Provincial, Youth and Junior National standards.

Senior Track 3- This teaching/training group is geared for 13-17-year-old swimmers who are striving for Regional standards and beyond. The group offers 6 workouts per week 5 are expected. More aerobic-based and aerobic-based training occurs to achieve regional standards and beyond. An emphasis on Drylands is a fixed staple at practice. Athletes adhere to the club code of conduct, facility rules, work together to strive for group goals, and provide all equipment needed. We are an IM, kick, pull-based group.

Senior Track 2 - Athletes in this group will have demonstrated a high level of commitment and skill. They are striving to achieve Age Group National and Senior National standards in preparation for varsity level swimming. The swimmers in the Senior Orange Group have a very high commitment level to the sport and the time management skills required to compete at this level. A holistic approach to swimming in this group will allow these athletes to pursue and succeed in other areas in their lives.

Senior Track 1 - GO Perform - This group is designed to provide the best possible preparation and competitive opportunities for swimmers who are truly committed, talented, and dedicated to becoming world-class swimmers. These athletes will be striving for podium finishes at the Senior National level with aspirations of competing internationally. These athletes are willing to make personal sacrifices in order to achieve their goals in swimming. Athletes are selected to this group based on performance and commitment level. Group selection is at the discretion of the Head Coach.

University - This group is for returning university swimmers who are interested in training full-time in the summer. Swimmers will either train with the Senior Group or the Senior Performance Group at the discretion of the Head Coach. These athletes are expected to adhere to the team guidelines and philosophies and are committed to attaining their personal swimming goals. These athletes are requested to register (with Swim/Natation Canada) concurrently with their Varsity team and GO at the beginning of the competitive season.

University Maintenance - This group is designed to help university swimmers who are interested in staying fit over the summer in preparation for the varsity season. Swimmers in this group will join the Senior Group on a part-time basis from May to July.

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