Let's GO Swim Junior Group

The  Let's Go Swim Junior Group is our pre-Competitive swim program. It provides young swimmers with an introduction to the sport of swimming. Emphasis is placed on enjoyment, stroke technique and individual achievement within the program. Swimmers are encouraged to improve their skills in the four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The program is based on a 9-12 week session, which is run 3 times a year.

Who may swim?

The Junior Group is geared for ages 6 to 10. A swimmer needs to be deep water safe (as deemed by the coaching staff) and have basic swimming skills (front crawl and backstroke for 15 meters). During each session there will be a continuous evaluation of each swimmer, each swimmer will be moved to a suitable group as required at each location, each swimmer will have an opportunity to see their improvement each session via a Junior Group sponsored swim meet.

Contact us for a screening today at [email protected]

What are the sessions?

The Junior Group year is broken into three sessions per year.

  • Session # 1:  September - December (Let's Go Swim Winter Program has been cancelled due to Covid)
  • Session # 2:  January - March
  • Session # 3:  March - June

All returning swimmers to each session are given first right of refusal on retaining their spot for the proceeding session if registered during "The Early Registration" for each session.

Junior Group: The Four Step program

The Junior Group is a 4 step program which offers a structured step-by-step progression that teaches swimmers to be efficient and proficient in the water.

Step 1 - Skill Builder
¤ Development of essential basic skills of four competitive strokes, starts, turns
¤ Short distance swimming & kicking to ensure quality of technique
¤ Development of swimming fitness and endurance through drills, challenges and fun

Step 2 - Skill Development
¤ Strokes, skills, and kicking proficiency are polished and practiced
¤ Distance is increased without compromise of technique quality
¤ Combinations of tasks are linked together to challenge and further develop each swimmer in a child friendly environment

Step 3 - Skills & Endurance
¤ Endurance and skills are enhanced to be able to maintain quality of stroke 'stronger and longer'
¤ Swim drills and kicking challenges and combinations of skills enrich this level in readiness for what's ahead in this swimmer friendly setting
¤ Expected outcome is performance of the Individual Medley combination

Step 4 - Race Readiness
¤ Skill and enjoyment continue to coincide as we build this keen group to race readiness
¤ Adding to the swimmer's ability to swim all four strokes will be pace clock use, more challenges and longer distance swims and kicking
¤ Expected outcome will be readiness to step up to the GO competitive squad

Pool Locations and Practice Schedules

The following are the locations that each pool is located at and its corresponding practice schedule for the current session.

Please check back often for all updates and changes that might occur throughout the session.

Francois Dupuis Pool

2263 Portobello Boulevard
Ottawa, ON, K4A 0X3
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¤ Due to the Covid Pandemic the program will not run in the Fall and may run in the Winter or Spring sessions.

Canterbury Pool

2185 Rue Arch
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¤ D ue to the Covid Pandemic the program will not run in the Fall and may run in the  Winter or Spring sessions.

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