The GO Kingfish swim program is based on the belief that swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a young person's life. Competitive swimming skills can be learned by all, natural ability not withstanding. The value of training however, goes far beyond that of learning efficiency in the water. In a well-developed program every participant benefits.

Competitive swimming stresses two factors, physical conditioning and mental discipline. Mastering these factors is not only essential in this sport, but is also required in preparation for life. Considerable time will be required to become truly competitive, and a sportsman like approach is essential in clearing the hurdles that swimmers will encounter. Immediate benefits however, will be realized in areas such as health, time management and personal development.

Beginning swimmers register in the pre-competitive Junior group and swim at the satellite pools.

As swimmers develop, they move (on the recommendation of the coaching staff) into the Competitive program with the Bronze, Silver and Gold training groups. As swimmers begin to solidify their technical skills and are ready for a more rigorous training program they move into the Youth group and eventually as they are ready for the highest levels of training and competition they are invited to join the Senior Blue, Senior Kingfish, and GO Perform group. The competitive groups swim at the University of Ottawa.

The number of practices that each swimmer will have is based on which group they are in and the coach's recommendations. Practices are normally 1-2 hours in length depending on the level the swimmer is at.

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