Junior Program Refund

Withdrawals and Refunds from Junior Go Kingfish:

If your swimmer is withdrawing from the Junior Group, please provide written notification (email is preferred) to the Junior Group Coordinator. A $25.00 administration fee and $15.00 Swim Ontario swimmer fee will be incurred and then a prorated amount will be returned. Please be advised, that after a certain date in each session, a refund will not be available.

  • Session #1 - Refund Deadline - October 15
  • Session #2 - Refund Deadline - February 4
  • Session #3 - Refund Deadline - April 8

Pool Cancellations/Vacation/Illness Policy:

The Junior Group fees are based on a "session" basis. Therefore, refunds will not be given for unexpected/uncontrolled pool closings, weather closings, vacation, or illness. Please contact the Junior Group Coordinator if you have any questions.