Junior Group

There is a Junior Group swim meet near the end of each Junior Group swimming session. The purpose of this is to show the culmination of what we have learned as a team during our session(s) while introducing what it is like to swim in a fun filled, competitive environment.

We encourage all swimmers to participate

All members of our Junior Group join together to enjoy each others company, cheer together, and encourage each other to strive for their own respective best.

The following are your Junior Group Swim Meet Dates and Meet Packages. Please read all of the Swim Meet Documents below and follow the respective entry procedure for a fun filled swim meet:

Let's Go Swim Fun Meet # 1 - Cancelled due to Covid

Let's Go Swim Fun Meet # 2 - Cancelled due to Covid

Swim Meet Questions and Answers

Please view the following information to some common questions and answers to swim meet inquiries:
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