I Can Swim is a dynamic learn to swim program which promotes lifelong aquatic participation. I Can Swim focuses on each swimmer’s unique needs and current developmental abilities. Choose from the many swimming lessons available all lead by certified instructors.

If you are new to the I Can Swim program and would like your child assessing before registration opens in March, please contact Michelle Dawson - I Can Swim Coordinator on

780-900-2273 ext 104 or email - icanswim@gppiranhas.com

Spring Lessons

REGISTRATION for RETURNING members Sunday March 10th  9:00am 
REGISTRATION for NEW members Monday March 18th 7:00am

Dolphins 1, 2 & 3

Ages 3 year +

Dolphins 1 - lessons are for children to become comfortable with their first independent water experiences and are where fundamental movement skills are introduced.

Dolphins 2 - lessons are for children who are comfortable being independent in the water and introduced to front and back paddle and floating skills.

Dolphins 3 - lessons are continual development of freestyle, backstroke skills and an introduction to breaststroke and butterfly strokes

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I Can Paddle & Dive

Age 5 years+

This stage of lessons focus is on basic movements and orientation ability needed for swimming skills like arm action, sculling and breathing.

  • Streamlining – propulsion
  • Basic Strokes – freestyle, backstroke, introduction to breaststroke, basic dolphin movement
  • Specific skills – submersion, underwater push-offs, treading water, introduction to diving skills

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I Can Swim Fast 3 & 4

Ages 6+

I Can Swim Fast 3 - lessons focus on improving reaction/rhythm and increasing endurance for all four strokes. Advanced dives and basic starts and turns are also covered. When swimmers complete Stage 3, they have learned to swim well.

  • Major focus – breathing and stroke timing
  • Stroke Improvement – free, back, breast, fly
  • Introduction to turn skills
  • Advanced diving skills
  • Building endurance

I Can Swim Fast 4 -  lessons continues on the building blocks from stage 3 focus on competitive stroke drills, endurance building and goal setting. Giving the  swimmers the knowledge and confidence to swim efficiently and FAST. Focus is on skill refinement and stroke enhancement in preparation towards competitive swimming.

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