Return to Programs

We are excited to announce the Club has begun preparations for a safe relaunch to swimming. We are actively working with local, provincial and national sport organizations, including medical, legal and sport advisors as part of the preparation. As we have seen provincially and locally with the gradual reopening of businesses, there are many rules and restrictions that must be adhered to. This is no different for the swim community. Below you will find important information regarding our Summer Safe Relaunch to Swimming Strategy. Over the coming weeks we will being our phased return as follows:

Stage I


Current Program

Facility Closure; Outdoor & Virtual Programs / strict club protocols
This stage will introduce in-person outdoor training to select groups to establish physical distance protocols for staff & membership. Existing virtual program schedule will remain in effect for all until June 27th. No fees.


Stage II

(July 6th)

Relaunch Strategy

Initial reopening of facility / limited group access / strict facility protocols
This stage will introduce swim training alongside any outdoor activities and necessary virtual programs. This period of time will be used to continue developing physical distance protocols for staff & membership in an indoor environment. This stage will not be available to all groups. Group sizes and training times will be extremely limited due to access to facility, pool time availability & physical distance protocols. Fees will be required to cover overheads.

Stage III

(Late Summer)

Sessional Programs

Facility semi operational / Increased group access / refined protocols
This stage will mark the opportunity to provide temporary schedules to increase activities based around the person, athlete and performer in preparation for the new season . Groups will have a set schedule with reliable swimming, dryland and virtual program times at a set fee. Groups will have varied program structure due to access to facility, pool time availability & physical distance protocols.

Stage IV


2020 – 2021 Season

Facility fully operational / return to full training post-pandemic
This stage will mark the return to full training, regular fees and commitments. If limiting access to facility, pool time & physical distance protocols remain groups will have a blended schedule of pool, dryland and virtual programs that met their development needs of the person, athlete and performer.


Return to Swimming Presentation


With the guidance from Swim Canada and Swim Alberta documents please review how our club will return

Swim Canada Return to Swimming

Swim Alberta Return to In Person

Piranhas Return to Outdoor document

Piranhas Return to Swimming document

All swimmers wishing to return to in- person training are required to attend a virtual briefing, sign a waiver and review checklists daily prior to attending any in-person training:


Swimming Canada / Swim Alberta Waiver 

  1. Complete the SWIMMING CANADA / SWIM ALBERTA WAIVER FORM prior to joining any training group for the first time since programs were reopened. This is only required once for the season. 

Daily Screening 

  1. Review the DAILY SCREENING FORM with your swimmer prior to them attending  every training session. It is important that every swimmer, coach, staff member and volunteer does this to be in compliance with AHS/Public health. 
  2. If you respond  “yes” to any question on the daily screening form :

You must not attend training until the following can be completed;

  1. Use the AHS COVID-19 SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL to determine the next course of action; 
  2. If testing is recommended, a test should be scheduled. You should not return to training until you receive a negative test or clearance from a licensed medical professional;
  3. If testing is not recommended, then you may return to training as soon as any other AHS / medical recommendations are completed;
  4. Notify your group coach via email to inform them of the absence.

Return to Training after Illness

Not all illness is COVID-19, but in all cases of illness for now we must have a plan of action and return to action. Most swimmers and staff at some point will experience symptoms of illness that require them to follow the screening steps above. With any return after illness your squad coach will need to be contacted.

Rapid Response to Positive COVID-19 Test

Should any member of a training group test positive for COVID-19:

  1. The athlete will be removed immediately from the training group.
  2. Group training will be suspended, and all group members placed in self-isolation.
  3. AHS will be contacted, and direction will be taken from AHS regarding next steps, further testing, and contact tracing.

Any group that has no contact with the positive test group will continue training, however anyone who lives in the same household of a member of the self-isolating group will not be permitted to train.

After a positive test for COVID-19, training in a group shall resume if:

  1. All group members undergo a 14-day self-isolation period and no other member has developed symptoms; or,
  2. All group members are cleared by their doctor to return to group training in accordance with AHS guidelines. 



At all times strict safety protocols are enforced any breach of these rules will be dealt with appropriately

Safety Rule Protocols