COVID-19 Update

We are excited to announce the Club has begun preparations for a safe relaunch to swimming. We are actively working with local, provincial and national sport organizations, including medical, legal and sport advisors as part of the preparation. As we have seen provincially and locally with the gradual reopening of businesses, there are many rules and restrictions that must be adhered to. This is no different for the swim community. Below you will find important information regarding our Summer Safe Relaunch to Swimming Strategy.

·  Our situation is unique and governed by many authorities.

·  Our priority is the safety of our membership when reopening the Club.

·  All decisions will be made carefully and with safety as our first priority.

·  We will adhere to rules mandated by our governing body, Alberta Health Services and Eastlink Facility Management.

·  We will not reopen in person until the Club has clear safety standards.

·  The Club in person (swimmer) reopening will happen in phases, meaning some groups will access programs earlier than others.

·  Group size and structure may be altered to accommodate for restrictions during the reopening phases.

Recently Alberta Health Services announced that larger outdoor gatherings of 50 are permitted but indoor recreational facilities, including swimming pools will remain closed for the foreseeable future. Based on these facts, here are some additional announcements on key activities for the summer months:

1. Our virtual programs will end June 27, 2020. After this time we will take a short break and return as part of our Summer Safe Relaunch to Swimming Strategy.

2. When appropriate and safe to do so, a new in-person outdoor workout program will become available. This program will run on a trial basis for some groups and form part of our Summer Safe Relaunch to Swimming Strategy moving forwards.

3.  When safe to do so, as advised by Alberta Health Services, a return to the pool for select groups will be implemented as part of our Summer Safe Relaunch to Swimming Strategy. Further announcements from the Club will follow any AHS update.

We are now waiting on the announcements and dates from Alberta Health Services to commence our Summer Safe Relaunch to Swimming Strategy. Once these details are announced and we begin our relaunch, the club will take every step possible to see our programing return as closely to the “normal” we left behind mid-March, but this will not happen immediately. We appreciate your understanding in these unprecedented circumstances as we maneuver this new territory.

The Piranhas remain strong and healthy as we prepare for our return. We would like to thank you for adapting and supporting us during this COVID pandemic. We look forward to your continued support when we resume in-person activities and appreciate your membership moving into the 2020-2021 season.


Stay safe!