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GSH Sheri Ohlman Invitational Swim Meet Info Page

BIG Thanks to our Amazing group of Volunteers that are making this competition possible for the kids!

We are so thrilled to be honouring Sheri Ohlman and all she has done for the swimming community

Also, Thanks to our Sponsors

Note: GOSWIM will be at RRC all day Saturday, Feb 18th, with plenty of goggles, black racing suits and Jolyn training suits


Downloadable Meet Files

Will be posted when available: 

Info to Officials 

More details for the GSH Sheri Ohlman Invitational Swim Meet 

Because all competitive swimmers were invited to this competition, all Saturday practices are cancelled, except Olympic Way.

The meet will be at Richcraft Recreational Complex on Saturday & Sunday, February 18th & 19th.                                      

*Your swimmer only attends the session(s) they have entered. Parental volunteers may attend any session they have volunteered for (it’s a great way to get your volunteer points; without parental volunteers, we CANNOT run swim meets for your kids!) 

Saturday, Feb 18- session 1: 13 & over (warm up 715-830; session 830- 1300) 

Saturday, Feb 18- session 2: 12 & under (warm up 1300-1414; session 1415- 1845) 

Sunday, Feb 19- session 3: 12 & under (warm up 715-830; session 830- 1300) 

Sunday, Feb 19- session 4: 13 & over (warm up 1300-1414; session 1415- 1845) 


Only the swimmers and registered officials/ volunteers will be allowed on deck.

Other parents can watch from the lobby in designated (limited) seating or outside RRC through the large windows. 

GSH Sheri Ohlman Invitational Swim Meet @RRC- Session 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • Notes:  
    • Only swimmers, coaches and officials will be allowed on deck, no spectators.  
    • Spectators have minimal seating. The best’ seat’ is working on deck! 
  • Your swimmer may arrive in their swimsuit, race-ready, or change at RRC: 
    • Kids will head through their gender-specific change rooms.
    • Outdoor shoes must be removed before entering the pool deck.
    • Lockers can be used in the changerooms - a lock is recommended.
    • Swimmers are to be on deck, ready to warm up, 15 min before their designated warm-up time (see session timings above) 
    • Swimmers are expected to stay and cheer on their teammates until the end of the session. However, we understand that sometimes family commitments may necessitate an early departure.
    • Make sure to check in with coaches to ensure all events, including relays, are completed before leaving. (we have LOTS of relay swimmers at this meet)
    • Note: relays can be adjusted up to 30 min before them being swum, so swimmers must double-check before leaving the pool deck.
  • Bring only: 
    • Cap & goggles (a spare cap & set of goggles is always wise too) 
    • Towel(s)
    • Warm deck clothes & deck shoes. (GSH apparel - makes the team look cool!)
    • Water bottle with water
    • They don’t need anything else: no snacks, food, games, or electronics.
  • A copy of their specific events, heats and lanes. 
    • Please ensure your swimmer knows their events, heat and lane.
    • They could write the events on their arms or bring a post-it note
    • You can check to see if your swimmer is in a relay in the OnDeck app 

First Meet? see Swim Meet FAQs on the web page for more general info about swim meet procedures and protocols- welcome to the fun!


Thanks for your collaboration

Let’s enjoy racing fast and getting some official times.             

The GSH Coaching Team