Weekly Communication- Friday September 11, 2020

Halton Hills Blue Fins Administrator
Weekly Communication - Week of September 14

It's a long one this week... settle in, enjoy the read, and have a great weekend!



We are set to reopen on September 14!

The Club’s Return to Swim plan has been approved by Swim Ontario and we are able to start training as planned on Monday September 14. By now, everyone should have received a registration or wait list confirmation. Please email any questions or concerns to Communications.  

COVID-19 Protocols have now been posted on the team site. Please read the package and review the protocols with your swimmer(s). You’ll see that the plan affects many aspects of the training session. 

When you arrive at the pool, please stay in your vehicle and wait for one of the coaches to come out to the parking lot and signal it is time for entry. Swimmers (with masks on) can then start to come into the facility. Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the building, as there are strict limits on the number of people we can host at one time. Additionally, please know that no late entries will be permitted. Once the admittance protocols are complete, the team will enter the pool and no one will be available to screen and admit late swimmers. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. 

The COVID-19 protocols are new to everyone - swimmers, parents, coaches and town staff alike. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions, please send them in. Despite lots of planning, we expect to have a few hiccups and we will work through them together.



We have been receiving notification from the RTR system that many have started updating swimmers profiles and filling out Swimming Canada required forms, thank you!

Form completion is mandatory, and in order for your swimmer to get the “green check mark of approval in the RTR” the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Account details updated and “Confirm and Submit Information” button clicked
  2. Consent Tab
    1. Fill out all 3 forms required per swimmer
    2. Click “Sign” to submit each form
  3. Once all forms are signed scroll down to answer 2 consent messages and click the “Save” button

Further details and instructions can be found in the RTR How to Guide.



Junior Blue - NO PRACTICE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20 (Town Cancellation)

Junior White - NO PRACTICE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20 (Town Cancellation)



An updated equipment list for the 20/21 season has been posted. Due to COVID-19 protocols, we are unable to lend out equipment at the pool. Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own equipment where possible. 

Visit the HHBF Buy, Sell and Swap Facebook page to post gently used swim equipment you want to pass on/sell and to view items.



Think your Mini-Fin is ready for Intro? Sign up for a swimmer assessment by emailing Admin. We will send out an email when we are ready to run an assessment session.



Congratulations to the following winners of the Regular Season Hockey Pool: 

1st Place ($125) – Owen Anslow (Brownie)

2nd Place ($75) – Ryen Oakes (Fat Tony)

3rd Place ($50) – Owen Anslow (Brownie)

Middle Place ($20) -  David Vulpoi (Codruts 2)

Last Place ($20) – Catherine Champagne (Catherine)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the pool! 



Get Speedo gear and fundraise? You bet!

For a period of two months starting September 1, swimmers, parents, coaches and all swim fans can raise funds for HHBF through a new program announced by Swimming Canada, in partnership with Speedo Canada and All Tides. A dedicated page with all of the program information can be found on the All Tides online store.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Shop at All Tides and choose from a selection of Speedo products.
  2. Enter club code HHBF when completing the purchase. Speedo will give 20% of the total purchase amount to the Club.
  3. Email your receipts to the Treasurer to have the amount count towards your fundraising commitment. 


With FlipGive you can shop with popular brands like Walmart, Apple, Under Armour or buy gift cards to restaurants and our team will earn cash! Download the FlipGive app or join online using our invite code DQFPT3. Amounts raised will automatically be added to your fundraising commitment at the end of the season.



HHBF Sponsorship opportunities are available for this season. Email Admin if you or a business you know would like to learn more.