Schedule Changes and COVID-19 Protocol Clarifications

Halton Hills Blue Fins Administrator
Schedule changes and COVID-19 protocol clarifications

Here are a few last minute updates and clarifications as we head into next week.  Thanks again for your support as we work through these details.  Rest up… it’s going to be a busy week!


Schedule changes

After some additional planning, slight changes have been made to the training schedule that impact the Intro B, Intro C, and Junior Blue groups. 

Intro B - Tuesday evening has been shifted to 6:00 - 7:00pm

Intro C -Thursday evening has been shifted to 6:00 - 7:00pm, and Saturday has been shifted to 12:00 - 1:00pm

Junior Blue - Tuesday and Thursday evenings have been shifted to 7:30 - 8:30pm

These adjustments provide more time for the Intro groups to transition in and out of the pool. Refer to the team site for the  updated schedule


Arrive at the pool just 5 minutes before the practice start time

We have had a few questions regarding what time swimmers should arrive at the pool. In past seasons, swimmers were to be on deck 15 minutes before the practice start time to complete activation. This season, due to the COVID-19 protocols, swimmers will be let in at the start of the session. For example, if a session starts at 6:00pm, the screening and admittance will only begin at 6:00pm. If you arrive a few minutes early, just wait in the parking lot for the coach to signal the group in. As a reminder, late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the pool.


The only exceptions to this are the Senior Blue sessions that start at 5:30am. For these early morning sessions, Seniors will be able to enter the pool 10 minutes early.


Bring water

The fountains at the pool are temporarily closed. Remember to fill your water bottle before coming to practice.


Spend less time in the change room and more time in the pool

Change rooms will have a maximum capacity of 9, and in many instances, there are only 15 minutes between groups. That’s 15 minutes for all 12 swimmers to change, exit the pool, and for the town staff to complete sanitization. 

Arrive with your suit on to minimize time in the change room. Before and after practice, swimmers are encouraged to shower at home. This will help swimmers enter/exit the facility quickly and will eliminate any need to remove masks in the change room.