Weekly Communication - Week of September 28

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Halton Hills Blue Fins
Weekly Communication - Week of September 28

You may have heard news of COVID-19 cases being identified in a Georgetown School. This is unsettling news and we are rooting for a fast recovery for the affected families. It is also a good reminder for us to continue vigilantly practicing the Club’s COVID-19 protocols, wearing a mask, and social distancing.   



Thank you to everyone who applied for the Junior Coach positions. HHBF is so lucky to have such a strong pool of athletes that are interested in coaching and giving back to the club! 

We appreciate everyone’s interest in supporting the team and the time it takes to craft and submit an application. After careful review, Coach Chris, Coach Aman, and Coach Steph have selected the following athletes for this season’s Junior Coaches: 

IntroComp A - Alyson Leonard 

IntroComp B - Emma Winters 

IntroComp C - Matt Jackson 

IntroComp A Back Up - Khloe McKay

IntroComp B Back Up - Audrey Behara

IntroComp C Back Up - Wayde Culley

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you all, and expect to hear from your coaches soon regarding start dates. 



As you may be aware, the Town of Halton Hills has graciously agreed to lower facility fees by 50% during these unprecedented times for a variety of groups. In light of the recent article published in the IFP, HHBF Executive have had some inquiries as to whether or not membership dues will be reduced accordingly.

It is early days yet, and with the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise across the province, as well as in Halton Hills, we remain cautiously optimistic that we will be allowed to continue to operate. All being well, we will have more swimmers in the water by early October. 

Opening the club during the pandemic came with some financial challenges. We have had to significantly reduce our membership, in order to comply with Swim Canada’s and Swim Ontario’s guidelines.  We have had to suspend our Mini-Fins program for the foreseeable future, because the need to stay close to younger swimmers in the water is incompatible with social distancing requirements.  Despite the membership reduction, we had to increase the number of pool hours in order to meet COVID-19 requirements for the groups that are swimming.  The plus side of this is that the swimmers continue to be trained by our highly skilled and quality coaches, with the swimmer-to-coach ratios reduced significantly.

The facility fees represent a small portion of the Club’s expenses, and are only incurred when we are using the pool. There are many other overhead costs that are ongoing, and those unfortunately have not, and will not be reduced.  What this means, is at this time we are still anticipating we will end the season with a deficit. To that end, we have decided to continue with the existing swim fee schedule for the time being. Swim fees, fundraising obligations, and volunteer hours will be evaluated when we have a full and clear picture of how the season will pan out. 

Some clubs have been unsuccessful to date in returning to the pool.  HHBF is proud of the countless hours of work that have been invested over the summer months by our coaching staff as well as members of the executive in order to make this happen. We’re also incredibly proud of the perseverance and support shown by the HHBF athletes and families. We accomplished this together!

We regularly review and assess the Club’s operations and financials, and ask for your patience while we get things going and get as many swimmers as possible in the water and training.  We will reach out in the coming months with a plan regarding fundraising, volunteering and any possibility of reduced fees or monies returned.  



Regular monthly billing starts Thursday, October 1. This will include the October Monthly Swim fees and the Swim Ontario fees which are paid once per swim season. 



The Coaches have created a Google drive for each group and will post the weekly training plans for swimmers to print and reference for the upcoming week. Click on the link below to access your group’s plan for the coming week.

Junior White

Junior Blue

Senior White

Senior Blue

Note, the Intro groups will receive a weekly letter from Coach Aman, and training instructions will be provided in person at practice. 



All groups - NO PRACTICE MONDAY OCTOBER 12 (Thanksgiving)