What Halton Region's Red Level means for HHBF

Halton Hills Blue Fins Administrator
Halton Hills Blue Fins
What Halton's Red Level means for HHBF

On Friday November 13, the Ontario Government recently released the COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open, moving to a coloured level system for Public Health Units. Additionally, it was announced that Halton would move into the Red Level (Control).

In response to the new framework for Ontario, Swim Ontario released an updated Return To Swimming and Racing memo which outlines the direction for clubs at each stage of the coloured level system. The memo provides detailed information on managing through different levels, and the key takeaways for the Red Level are: 

  1. Training may continue in Green to Red Levels, provided the facility approves.
  2. Clubs at all levels must be prepared to have their racing events cancelled if they are moved to Red Level. 

Based on guidance from Swim Ontario and the Town, HHBF is permitted to continue training in its current format at this time. Should this change, HHBF members will be advised as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please email Communications with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

As you know, we are in the midst of a very dynamic time - things can change quickly. Rest assured that the Board is continuously monitoring COVID-19 updates and is staying in close contact with the Town of Halton Hills to ensure HHBF is complying with COVID-19 protocols. Keeping our athletes and families safe at the pool is the top priority for HHBF.