HHBF Weekly Communication - Friday, January 1, 2021

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Halton Hills Blue Fins
HHBF Weekly Communication - Friday, January 1, 2021

HHBF Weekly Communication - Friday, January 1, 2021


Happy New Year to all our Blue Fin Families!

Wishing everyone all the best for 2021!





Covid-19 Closure

In accordance with the Province-wide lockdown due to Covid19 by the Ontario Provincial Government and the Town of Halton Hills, all training activities continue to be on hold until at least January 23rd 2021.  We continue to monitor updates from the Town as well as the Provincial Government and Swim Ontario.  Please monitor emails for updates regarding return to training.


Equipment Reminder

As part of our COVID safety protocols, all Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own equipment to practice. 


Starting in January, the use of Town equipment will be limited to  Intro Swimmers on an exception basis only . Juniors and Seniors must bring their own equipment to practice and will not be able to use the Town equipment. 


For a list of required equipment for each group, visit the  Equipment page  on our team site. Browse the  Buy, Sell, and Swap Facebook group  to find equipment at a discount or shop online with  Team Aquatics  (Shark Card for discount can be found on our website by logging into your account then under the Parents Tab) or  Splashables . Stay safe and healthy!

Swim Ontario Virtual Performance Tracker

Swim Ontario has created an  unofficial  virtual provincial ranking for in-practice race simulations for the active swimming programs to help engage and motivate athletes. The tracker can be found  here . Note, the rankings are separated by age and gender on separate tabs in the google sheet. 




Bottle Drive

A bottle drive will be held for the remainder of January 2021.  Collect your, your friends and family, and neighbors empties, return them to the Beer Store, and submit your collections by e transfer to  [email protected] , password  hhbfpayment.   In notes please include your  swimmer’s last name  and ‘ bottle drive’ .  All money submitted will be applied against your fundraising obligation!  


So far, HHBF members have raised over $1,000 through FlipGive purchases and we have a couple members who have reached or are approaching their fundraising commitment! Shop with popular brands and our team will earn cash! Download the  FlipGive app  or join  online  using our invite code  DQFPT3 . Amounts raised will automatically be added to your fundraising commitment at the end of the season.  Friends and family can join too!  Once they sign up email  [email protected]  to link them to your fundraising group!




Important Officials registration Instructions

Registered Officials:  You should have by now received an email asking you to log in to your account since we are now activated.

Please log in with the supplied user name and password and ensure all your personal information is correct.

Under the Consent tab there are instructions for reading and electronically signing all the forms necessary to work as an official.

We are preparing to be fully operational in the new year in order to run time trials and help officiate at meets that open up.

Please help the club, and your swimmer by completing your registration so that when we are back in the pool we will be ready to race!

If you have any questions or problems please email  [email protected] , or  [email protected]




Set up your TeamUnify Account for SMS Messages

Please add cell phone numbers in TeamUnify to receive important messages such as pool closures quickly by text.  Follow these instructions:  https://support.teamunify.com/en/articles/788


Call For Board Nominations

Until January 11, HHBF is accepting Board member nominations for the Sept 2021/22 season. The nominations sheet (found  here ) contains a detailed overview of the roles. The only position NOT available is the Vice-President role. If you are interested in a role, put your name in the nominee section of that role. Participating as a Board member fulfills the entire annual volunteer hours requirement. 





Dec 18 - Jan 2021:  Fundraising Bottle Drive

Dec 22 - Jan 23:  NO Swimming ALL Groups due to Covid19 Closure