Intro Comp

After Mini-Fins, it is on to the Halton Hills Blue Fins IntroComp Program.  This 60 minute program twice a week is based on Swimming Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD) Stage 2 - Fundamentals.  It is designed for swimmers who are ready to practice in a group environment, must be able to swim multiple lengths (25m) of freestyle and backstroke with appropriate rest, and be ready to be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. 

The focus of the Intro Comp Program is to build a passion and love of the sport of swimming.  The Group will swim individually, but work together as a team to learn the four basic swimming strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly).  The swimmers will improve their physical fitness and build endurance by swimming a full length of the pool (25m) and then progress to multiple lengths of the pool.  The Intro Comp Program will also introduce swim equipment used in training such as kick boards, pull buoys, and fins, and the swimmers will learn how to dive off the blocks and complete a flip turn.

The Intro Comp Program will also provide the opportunity for swimmers to test their skills by participating in both In-House swim meets at the Georgetown Indoor Pool and some development meets in the nearby communities of Milton, Guelph, Orangeville, and Caledon.  Although the Blue Fin Family encourages swimmers to show their team spirit, and cheer on their team mates through competition, attendance at swim meets is not mandatory.

Intro Comp Program Details

When does Intro Comp swim?

The training schedule for Intro Comp A,B,C can be found HERE

What should I bring to the pool?

For the Intro Program a swim suit, towel, swim goggles, and a swim cap are recommended. Swim equipment such as fins, kick boards, and pull buoys are available on deck.

Can parents watch on deck? We have a no parents on deck policy. Parents can watch from our viewing area.  If there is a problem, one of our coaches will come and get you to help on deck.