Junior Blue

Junior Blue trains from September to the end of June.  These swimmers practice sessions last between 1 to 2 hours in length with dry land training worked into their sessions.

Junior Blue training schedule

Junior Blue training is based on Swimming Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD) Stage 4 - Train to Train. At the Junior Blue level it is expected the swimmers will attend competitions as well as team functions throughout the season. 

Group Standard: Maintain 60% or more attendance, Assessment by coaching staff, Ontario 'A or B' Qualifying Times, age 13 and under & follows the swimmers code of conduct.

The focus of Junior Blue is to build a passion and love of the sport of swimming.  Junior Blue swimmers will improve their physical fitness, and build endurance while being taught proper stroke techniques, and improved training habits.  Junior Blue swimmers will also improve their test set times with the intention of progressing to the Senior Squads.  They will also strive to qualify and compete at regional, provincial, and national meets in short course (25m), long course (50m), and open water settings.